jacked by usplabs.

  1. jacked by usplabs.

    just had to post.alright i had my first workout with jacked after a 2 week layoff.and yes i was jacked.to me it was better than a eca stack,it did not leave me dryed mouth like the eca stack.the energy was diff there and the focus was great.i got 225 for 13 reps on my first set.the last time i worked out i only got 12 reps on the flat bench.energy stayed good for the whole workout.the only complaint i have (most people will see this as a good thing) is the incredible pump i got.you see my pump was so huge in my chest,tris and shoulders that my strength decreased as the pump got bigger.the pump makes it hard on my range of motion because of the tightness of the skin.all in all thr best pre workout i have tried,bar none and i've tried quite a few of the major brands.good job jacob and thanks for everything.i only wish i had the money for 2 bottles of prime to try,because if prime works as well as jacked i would proably never use designer steriods again.anway thanks usp. . . . lild

  2. I'll buy the JP8 you never used. I love that stuff!

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