tonegloss' super libido = happy GF LOG

  1. tonegloss' super libido = happy GF LOG

    Alright here goes. I just ordered some **** might need some help dosing this or i could be walkin around with a bonner all day long.

    Should be starting on Monday, if they all arrive...

    Alpha Drive XL
    Multi Vit
    Fish Oils
    Whey Protein
    Anabolic Halo

    Not sure how I will use them, but I am planning on running them all together with maybe a week or so difference. Any suggestions would help fo sho...

    This is my plan for now...
    Alpha Drive XL = 3x a day
    Sunami= 2x a day
    Fenugreek = 50mg 2x a day
    Yohimbine = 2.5 mg 2x a day
    mulit vit 2 am 2 pm
    fish oils 1 am 1 pm
    creatine 5g day
    whey 50g a day
    Anabolic Halo Not even sure how to take it was a gift...

    I weigh 200lbs how much water should i consume???????

    also i will be smoking some green grass at night, Need to relax myself... hahaha....

    Thats all, hopefully everything will be here so i can start on Monday! Am pretty excited to see if this will help at all, trying to lean up, cut fat.... any input greatly appreciated

  2. minimum of 100 ounces of water IMO

  3. Ok, So I finally got my stuff in Yesterday so today is the start. I woke up at 5:15am...
    1. Drank 20 oz of water
    2. 1 tab Alpha Drive Xl, 1 tab Sunami, 1 tab Fenugreek, 2 multi vitamin, 1 tab fish oil.

    It is about 8:30 now, I will be lifting Back and Bicepts today
    at 9:30.

    about to take 1 tab yohimbine before workout.

    Will post back tonight with more details

  4. Review of DAY 1

    Day 1 went pretty well. I took alpha drive 3x, sunami 3x, Yohimbine, 1x and fenugreek 2x....

    My mood seemed to be a bit better than normal during the day, at night i felt a little tired towards the evening. One thing I don't like is i feel full all the time, bloated which is really inconvenient but willl push through and hope it subsides.
    Libido still the same, almost maybe declined a bit for the first day.... My workout on the other hand was fabulous. on my third set of seated rows i had to increase by 20lbs... not sure if it was the making me stronger but the mental part of it i think .... a lot more energy, and confidence!!!!!!!! Looking forward to the rest of this run!!

  5. I felt shut down on Alpha Drive, and it gave me awful back acne, keep an eye on how you are feeling while on it.
    "I am on a drug, it's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available, 'cause if you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body." - Charlie Sheen

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Skigazzi View Post
    I felt shut down on Alpha Drive, and it gave me awful back acne, keep an eye on how you are feeling while on it.
    Alpha Drive didn't to $hit for me; worthless supplement imho. Went through 2-3 bottles .. superdosed it after 10-15 days @ regular dosage; I'm talking 10 caps/day.. Didn't do $hit, still. Learned my lesson, and will never buy again.

    .. and with the amount of goodies you're using, Tone, there's no way you'll know whether or not Alpha Drive is working for you.
    VikingInc's Journey towards NSL Physique 2016 competition on March 12, 2016, in Houston, Texas.

  7. Yeah I will Skigazzi - thanks for the heads up, I know its only been a couple of days but been feeling a little weird so i'll keep that in mind

    Vikinginc - thanks for the heads up as well, i have decided to stop with the Fenugreek and Yohimbine for now. and just see how the ADxl and Suanami are working and if i need a boost i'll add the other 2 later on....

  8. What does your diet look like? Did you consume anything else for your morning meal besides the tabs and 20oz of water?

  9. Day 2 Review

    Alpha Drive 3x........ Sunami 3x
    Today was my off day completely, no work, no workout. I layed around all day, did some abs as I like to do most days. my mood was pretty good all day yesterday, a few stomach cramps, some warm tingly feelings, my muscles felt a little weird like I was hungover or dehydrated ya know that feeling where they kinda ache, and you just feel like stretching but you can't ever get that little ache to go away... I think I need to up my water intake so I have been trying to drink around 150-200 oz now.

    Over all day was good, can't wait to see what today brings

    NOTE: Decided to stop the fenugreek and yohimbine for now. Want to see the AD and Sunami effects first if I need it i will add it.

    Also I have changed the dosing from Alpha drive + Sunami once at breakfast once at lunch at once at supper TO;

    1 alpha drive morning
    2 sunami morning

    1 alpha drive lunch

    1 alpha drive supper
    1 sunami supper

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Aggravated View Post
    What does your diet look like? Did you consume anything else for your morning meal besides the tabs and 20oz of water?

    Yeah, I am eating about every 3 hours...

    usually for breakfast ill have 2 or 3 hard boiled eggs, then for snack usually some fruit, and peanut butter sammy, lunch i get chicken breasts and veggies, or subway.... another mid day snack of usually peanuts or whole food i find... and for supper whatever the woman cooks.....

  11. Day 3 Review

    It was a review of Friday, felt horrible on friday. Completely run down and tired during my workout. Wasn't very intense at all. Could say it was a wasted day. Later on I started to feel a little better, but overall run down.

    Day 4 Review

    This was saturday, it was my off day. Woke up with a lot of energy. I was in a great mood. Other than that, nothing much else to add. not any different than any other saturday

    Day 5 Review

    Sunday, another day off.. watched the Vikings dominate, had sex with my girlfriend about 4 times. Haven't done that in a long time. Maybe I am starting to feel a little increase in sex drive.. muscle may be feeling a little leaner. still been very very hungry... i could eat damn near anything in site....

    Another note I would like to make is I have been sleeping like a rock, and waking up refreshed in the morning. all except for friday where i felt run down, but i also only got 4 hours of sleep that night so other than that great rest, with lots of energy in the morning....Also I have been having some sweet dreams....

  12. I also want to add a few Updates.

    When I started this on 12-9-08

    Weight: 207
    Body Fat: 21%

    Today 12-15-08

    Weight 206
    Body Fat: 20.6%

  13. Day 6 Review.

    Today was a very long day at work. I didn't get the chance to eat very much. Had a good chest workout though, good energy all day. When I got home I had supper and took my last Alpha Drive and Sunami of the day around 7pm and had the worst stomach cramps i've had in awhile. Very painful - i ended up going right to sleep, woke up this morning and still had a stomach ache a bit. But it has seemed to go away. It seems like I have to eat right AFTER I take the pills as opposed to eating BEFORE I take them, eating after seems to do less on my stomach... hunger still way up, mood pretty good, libido decent........ Overall not impressed yet..... so we'll see what happens after another couple of days...
  14. Day 7 Review

    Day 7

    I have been doing this now for a week. And I am starting to think that neither one of these is doing **** to me except for making my stomach hurt! WTF! Alright well its only been a week, i have decided to up the dosage now...

    2 alpha drive
    2 sunami

    2 alpha drive

    2 alpha drive
    2 sunami

    Let's see how this works!!!!

    anyway day 7 review was.... my stomach didn't hurt had a great workout... slept like a baby... Hunger way up.... libido not much change, mood pretty good..

    I also had the worst pain in awhile in my right arm pain was shooting down from my elbow into my hand... and my forarms where very sore...

    Thats Day 7 Review tune in for my today's review tomorrow
  15. DAY 8 Review

    DAY 8

    ok, so review of day 8.

    Alpha Drive XL= 5x
    Sunami = 4x

    I still haven't been taking the fenugreek or yohimbine. but I did add a new supp CO Q10. started taking this 2 days ago.

    I have now upped my AD to 6x and sunami 4x

    Day 8 may have been a breakthrough day. I had a great day. Energy was through the roof. Mood was enhanced dramatically I felt like I was on Cocaine and never came down!!! I think these pills are finally kicking in and im loving it! I still need to see how the upped dosage goes, might have kicked it up right about the time things were starting to work so we'll see how day 9 goes.

    No more stomach cramps, no more tired feelings... Only pure confidence and such a great mood! SO, there hasn't been many sides basically been really hungry and really thirsty... some sore/tense muscles but i have also been hitting the gym real hard. No real impressive strength gains, but day 8 i definitely had the motivation to get into the gym and really throw some weights around!!!!
  16. Day 9 Review

    DAY 9

    ok here is a review of day 9.

    mood = good
    libido = up
    strength = no change
    muscles hardness = increasing
    hunger = starving all day
    Dosing = 6x, 4x
    Training = day off

    was a good mood this day, it feels like my muscles are developing a little harder tighter feeling. I have been eating like a pig, yet i still haven't gained any weight, i even feel as if my body fat is slightly decreasing each day!!!


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