Ari4216's Diesel Test Hardcore Review

  1. Ari4216's Diesel Test Hardcore Review

    Diesel Test Hardcore Review

    Information: Diesel Test Hardcore is a test booster, top of the line from Get Diesel Nutrition, that uses several quality test potentiators to boost test,boost nitrix oxide, and perhaps lower cortisol.

    Information about my usage: I experimented. I started at the recommend 5 day protocol and took two tabs a day. In the first few days i already felt an increase in agression, sexual tendencies. But i wanted more, so i went up to 4 and even 5 tabs. It didnt agree well with me.More is not necessarily better. Most of my experience is from 2-3 tabs a day. I actually wasnt satified at 2-3 tabs but that is all i could handle, agression wise and other side effect wise.


    Get Diesel really has value down, and they put a lot of quality ingredients into the formulation. Even if you bought the ingredients in bulk, you could probably cut your bottom line down by a few dollars, but definitely not worth it,for convenience's sake.
    Effectiveness: 9
    This a great test booster.Period.However, I really didnt see a great increase in muscle mass,more than usual, while taking it. The nitric oxide enchancing capabilities are great. At certain times, i felt like the sexual tendencies too great.(wont go into details).
    Side Effects: 7
    Irregular bowel movements, wont go into details. Lethargy.

    Bottom Line:
    This. to me, is not gonna put on too much weight, for me at least,however everything else Chuck claims is exactly true,even the grande bolas part, (i think), dont know how to measure. Overall a great test booster, even works for a 19 year old. However, i do think older people can take greater advantage of this, and people with lower than normal test levels.

    Feel free to ask any questions.


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