Ari4216's Primaforce Cissus vs Bulk USP Labs Supercissus Rx Review

  1. Ari4216's Primaforce Cissus vs Bulk USP Labs Supercissus Rx Review

    Primaforce Cissus Bulk vs USP Labs Supercissus Rx

    Information: Primaforce Cissus offers 40 percent ketosterone concentration while Supercissus offers a 10 percent ketosterone concentration. Under this assumption, and this assumption only, Primaforce Cissus offers a better value.

    Information about my usage:I have used them both at the same time, and by themselves. I first bought the Supercissus and loved it. It was cheap at 15 bucks, i capped it. I had great success with it especially the first time i took i almost had a euphoric pain killing experience. So on my order to Nutraplanet i bought some Primaforce Cissus, as i thought this would be better.

    Primaforce Cissus
    Pain Relief:7
    Side Effects:None
    Bulk USP Labs Cissus
    Pain Relief:9
    Side Effects:None

    As for cissus and muscle growth i didnt find a direct connection, however, the substance definitely helps with recovery. As for the claims of weightloss, i think this has a valid claim,although this would need to be stacked with several other products for a effective fat loss supplement regimen.

    Unfortunately i cant find bulk USP Labs Cissus anymore.
    I wish USP Labs would lower their price of their SuperCissus, which would put it way ahead of the Primaforce brand. Overall, in current market trends, id pick Supercissus over Primaforce brand Cissus for pain relief, altought the Primaforce brand slightly gives better pumps. Overall, the products are pretty similar id give a nice edge to Supercissus.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

  2. Excellent review I was going to tell you about a place where you can pick up the Supercissus cheap, but it seems it was discontinued there. And I also realize you know about it to in retrospect

  3. Updates:

    I just got two tubs of nutraplanet Cissus.

    So ill be able to compare all three!

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