The Essentials Review

  1. The Essentials Review

    So a ways back I was fortunate enough to win AI's Essentials Lottery, snagging the prize of a 45 day supply of their new product, bearing the same titular name.

    After much waiting on my part and much reformulation and finalization on theirs, I received my package about two weeks ago.

    However, what I was sent was not a 45 day supply, but a 60 day supply! Because each container of Essentials containers only 30days worth, and they weren't about to send half a container, Crowler and his gang were kind enough to send me two whole tubs of the stuff instead!

    So I've been using Essentials for the past two weeks approximately, ingesting it either shortly before or while I workout.
    Here are some of my thoughts so far:

    1. When mixed by itself, the taste is surprising pleasant. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bourbon on the rocks, but it lacks the bitterness of many flavorless supplements. In particular, the taste of the BCAAs is very low, well-masked I guess by the other substances in the mix. All in all, it tastes somewhat similar to maybe letting a multi-vitamin dissolve in a glass of water - easily tolerable without any aftertaste.

    2. Solubility is fine - two scoops in ~10oz water, a quick stir and you're set. There is some sedimentation if you let it sit (it appears some of the minerals fall out of solution) but with a quick shake that's not an issue.

    3. Joint stiffness MAY be reducing. I am uncertain as to whether this is pyschosomatic of the effects of Essentials yet, but time will tell. I get rather stiff in some of my old injuries, particularly in the cold, but recently this seems to have been less of an issue. Essentials' joint complex? Maybe.

    4. I just plain like the inclusion of the digestive enzymes. Less gas follows my post-workout shake, so theoretically my nitrogen retention is up.

    It's hard to comment on the Creatine Mono or Beta-Alanine - effects seem pretty much comparable to when I've used them individually in the past. 5g CM and 4g BA are good doses and I've had no problem with recovery while using Essentials, so that's a testament to it's efficacy.

    I'll continue to post in here with updates now and again when I have something worthy of posting. In the mean time, I would like to thank Annabolic Innovations for their generous prize!
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  2. Enjoy bro
    doing my own thang!

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