PRES gets SeXy with his PALS

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  1. welp, yesterday i kinda slacked off. got no carbs in me up until football time and snacked on a 2 oz bag of cheezits .

    up until then.. i had a 3 egg cheese and sausauge omlete for breakfast, extra fatty and delicious slim jim, 12 oz of 93/7 ground turkey with 1/4 cup cheese, jalepenos, 1 tbs salsa, some bomb hot sauce, and 1 tbs of taco seasoning..( this was really gooooood).

    so at the end of the day I ended up around 1800 calories, 35of carbs, 150g's of fat, and 160gs of protein ..not too bad for my first attempt at keto..

    my workout was really good too..left my log book at my house and im at work but i definatly felt a surge of energy outta no where!

    Day 2-

    8 am- woke up, had 2 LR, 2 AE
    9:30- 3 egg omlete, cheddar cheese, sausauge, onions

    bout it so far. brought an entire packet of turkey pep so ill be snakin on that either before or after lunch. ill update after my workout tonight!

  2. Get after it Spres! Don't worry about a little slack here and there just go for 90% on the nutrition. Sometimes it takes a bit to get into it too.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. thanks bro yea todays been good..jus had about 5 servings of pepp turkey cuz i didnt bring any other food and this ish is so good..gonna go home have some tuna and then hit the gym up



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