Bravoboy work'n with LG's BC + EAA

  1. Bravoboy work'n with LG's BC + EAA

    LG's BC + EAA

    First of all thank you LG for putting this nice supplement on sale for $15.
    Previous expreience with intra-workout supps:

    After day 1 of taking this:
    The flavor is awesome and I really enjoyed it during my morning routine. It is alot tastier than xtend that is for sure and blue raz is a great flavor anyway. As far as how my workout went I did notice that during my leg workout i didn't get that light headed/nausia feeling i usually get. Mostly great taste.

    My workout routine and status:

    I am currently focusing on my legs due to a 6 week old shoulder injury. So this week is the first week that i will incorporate some shoulder and chest exercises. the past 6 weeks have been miserable. Even back and arms have suffered. I am a 5 day a week go getter and having my injury after a good 4 month run is hurting me. but I'm glad to be back! slowly but surely.
    this is my first reaction to taking the supplement. I will not dose it again until PCT of my upcoming cycle which i will log and have a link to this page that will be updated weekly. there will be other logs to follow of my other supps and staples i will be dosing.

    Once Again, Thanks for the Great customer service I received and a great product!

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed the product so far man! Also thanks for taking the time to post this up, we appreciate it

  3. Yeah, definitely using this without any carbohydrates tomorrow...

    If it can taste great, I'm not gonna miss out on it!
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  4. Taste - After day 3 of using this stuff I still enjoy how the taste is. very easy on the stomach with not too much of a sweet taste.

    Mixing - Since I was off today I didn't dose my Glycergrow with my amino so i never was really able to comment on the mixing. It does mix good enough for me as well as others i assume it would. but mixing it my itself i was able to see that there was still some of the product that needed to be dissolved. since i drink it in 12 oz I just refill my bottle with water and keep on movin on.

    Had it when i woke up this morning and felt good!
    Overall i enjoy it and obviously worth the bucks.

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