Questions on H-drol

  1. Questions on H-drol

    I'm 18 years old, I've only taken creatine products and pre workout products for a quick pump but I haven't taken anything in a few months now and I'm slacking in the gym.. I was interested in taking H-drol but I was wondering what the BEST PCT would be to take with it would be and how I should go about taking this, and if it's even a good idea for me to take this product right now.

    I'm 18 years old, 165 pounds, just moved to college and been drinking some.. so thats another problem i was just wondering if somebody with experience with this product could give me some constructive feedback

  2. i wouldnt take hdrol at your age, id wait till your at least 21 but thats just my opinion. At 18 your body is still growing. Eat eat and eat.

  3. ya bro, h-drol is a pro-hormone not a supplement. stay away from it for now youve got a lot of growth potential at your age and size. i know its tempting but just hold off for a few, no reason to chance your natty test production from now on... not likely to happen but always possible

  4. Quote Originally Posted by panther77 View Post
    ya bro, h-drol is a pro-hormone not a supplement.
    h-drol isn't a prohormone, its a direct steroid.

    at 18 it is a total waste and will cause more damage than good.

  5. So what would you suggest I should take EasyEJL? If I DID decide to still take this product what other supp's would you recommend I take with it or after it?

  6. On this board you will get banned for talking about hdrol at 18. There are literally dozens of decent non-hormonal anabolics out there that could give more significant impact with no risk at 18, among them in no particular order X-factor, Drive, Bad Ass Mass, Mass FX, Hyperdrol X2, Diesel Test Hardcore, CRE02, the list could go on for a while. If you are slacking in the gym, its not like hdrol would help, but a nice stim product or natural anabolic could help

  7. I'd get banned for asking questions? I'm willing to learn from experienced lifters rather than guessing what to take and asking people who have no clue.. Thanks for your feedback though

  8. its not safe for you to take it at 18 as your endocrine system isn't complete with its development, and you have more testosterone and growth hormone running around in you than you ever will the rest of your life. the gains you could make with hdrol are no better than you can make without it.

  9. Bro just listen to these guys, theres no reason to go against the grain here, all theyre tryin to do is help you out. when i showed up here i was in the same boat, was about to do a cycle of tren-extreme, phera-phlex, and epistane.... with novedex xt and 6 oxo for pct... i was basically gonna be F*CKED, and when they told me this i thought they were just givin me sh!t and almost didnt listen. im so glad i did now, and hope u do too

  10. Yeah my advice would be eat, train and rest... and then you'll grow. You have test levels in your body right now that I envy. You dont need hdrol.

    Enjoy being young and full of test! Go eat! Go train! Enjoy
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    wait till our 21 bro!
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  12. Yea man, I'm 21 and reluctant to try it. Stick to tuna fish and water.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Schecterx View Post
    Yea man, I'm 21 and reluctant to try it. Stick to tuna fish and water.
    tuna has high mercury levels.

  14. Thanks for the feedback.. I'm not ganna take a cycle of h-drol I might take something smaller like a hyperdrolx2 / mass fx cycle or something. I really appreciate you guys responding

  15. yea dude definatly not worth it especially with you being in college and alcohol being around everywhere..

    check out the supp reviews logs and pick something that wont fk up ure body at a younger age
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    Quote Originally Posted by futurepilot View Post
    tuna has high mercury levels.
    here in hawaii we like to go to the market and pick out our own fish!...if mercury contamination is an issue.what we do is buy the smaller tuna(ahi).because a smaller fish means a younger fish=less exposure to wil usually find high levels of mercury in older,bigger fish.
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