I've had an elbow injury*golfers elbow) for seven months now. I took upper body off for about six months. Did right side only for one month and have been doing full body lightly for almost a month now. Time off is the best choice for a severe injury. I can't even do pullups and am lifting lightly. anyways Point is I think this supplement has helped me with its solid ingredients because my joints are feeling better. on the other hand time will do that. My conclusion is this joint supplement helped my joints heal faster than they would have without it. It's a solid joint formula and I was taking orange triad by Cl, which is good, however it no way hit's the joints hardcore like this does. This blows Ot out of the water obviously because its a specific in depth joint formula , where Ot is more basic. this is a hardcore joint supplement for heavy lifters that need it and people coming off of an injury.

One purchase lasts 44 days. and I just completed 44 days of this. joints do feel better. I'll be testing Osteo-sport and next and come Xmas time well see what my conclusion is comparing these two.