Rosie's [Mini] Review of Controlled Labs' Green MAGnitude

  1. Rosie's [Mini] Review of Controlled Labs' Green MAGnitude

    What is it?

    * Improve strength
    * Boost energy
    * Improve stamina
    * Improve performance
    * Greater protein synthesis

    For write-up see The Official AnabolicMinds Supplement Store.

    Taste: 10/10. Sour green apple. The best tasting supplement I have EVER had!

    Solubility: 9.5/10. As soon as it hit the water the powder dissolved. One quick stir, and I drank it. There was only a minute portion left on the bottom of my shaker at the finish.

    Strength: 7/10. The focus of this session was NOT on strength. However, comparing this session to the last high rep session that I did (22 days ago), the weights that I used for this session were slightly higher (but the first set was only 40 reps, as opposed to the 50 reps that it was last time).

    Energy: 5/10. I had the energy to get through my session, yes. However, most of my energy to get through I attribute predominantly to RPM.

    Endurance: 9/10. The session that I did was only 40 minutes, but it was intense, using only 1 minute rests between 40 and 20 rep sets.

    Performance: 7/10. I have just had 12 days off resistance training, and my first two sessions back are Full-Body done as a) 4 sets of 4 x trisets with 1 minute recovery, and b) 2 x 40, 20 for each body-part/exercise with 1 minute recovery. Considering yesterday's session, today was actually ok.

    Protein Synthesis: After only one serving, this is not applicable. For noticeable effects in muscle growth, a longer period of time would be needed to assess this; and diet and recovery would also have to be done to optimize it.

    Overall: 7.5/10. Green MAGnitude is a creatine product. You cannot expect to 'see' results from only ONE serving.

    Would I use it again? Maybe. If there were no other more effective products (i.e. NeoVar Recomped or Cre-02) available, or I had run out of creatine and had some lying around.

    Would I recommend? I only used one serving. It was not enough to notice any real difference in anything; and I would only be able to say whether or not I would recommend Green MAGnitude if I had used it for a longer period.

    This review is also available in my log (post #480) in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subsection of the Supplements Forum: Restoring Rosie: AN calls in the full cavalry (and a few extras), and in the Controlled Labs subsection of the Supplement Companies Forum:

  2. I tried out one serving of this stuff as well- the flavor is amazing!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by babywifey View Post
    I tried out one serving of this stuff as well- the flavor is amazing!
    It most certainly is. I love Granny Smith apples (my favourites): the crisp, crunchy taste. And this sample certainly got that taste PERFECT

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