Thank you to Matt for sending me some samples of Cre-02 to try. I had enough samples to last 4 days...I used 3 samples on consecutive days: Day 1 - HIIT Rollers + Full-Body Resistance, Day 2 - HIIT Rollers + Chest Resistance, Day 3 - 60 min Rollers; and the last sample 11 days after the third: Day 4 - HIIT Rollers + Full-Body Resistance...

What is it?

* 100% stable and absorbable
* Zero side effects
* Maximize strength
* Increase oxygen utilization
* Decrease oxygen debt
* Maximize ATP
* Maximize endurance
* Increase VO2max

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Taste: 8/10. There wasn't really a taste.

Side Effects: 9/10. I experienced none of the unpleasant side effects such as bloating, nausea, water retention, etc., that is quite common with creatine products.

Strength: 7/10. Strength did not really change using Cre-02. However, factors such as change in training programme and doing all my resistance sessions four days consecutively (three full-Body and Chest), with my first two Cre-02 days being the last 2 days of those sessions, would have affected this. On the fourth day using Cre-02 I had just had 12 days off resistance training, and had some small losses in strength with Back and Shoulders, but maintained from where I was before having a break with other body-parts/exercises.

Oxygen Utilization/Debt: I cannot speak for my resistance sessions (as I do not wear a HR monitor during them). However, with my cardio sessions... Day 1: HIIT - I did 8 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy @ 85-90% HRmax, with the last 10 minutes of the session at 80-90% HRmax, managing easily. Day 2: HIIT - I did 16 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy @ 85-90% HRmax, and then went DOWN a gear (i.e. increased intensity) and did another 8 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy, but with HR only getting to 85% HRmax, finishing the session with 4 minutes easily at 80% HRmax. Day 3: 60 min Rollers - Despite the high cadence HR stayed at 65-75% HRmax, and would NOT go up; with 60 minutes going by before I'd even realized it (when usually 20 minutes is enough). Day 4: HIIT - 16 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy @ 85% HRmax, HR NOT going higher, despite my best efforts...Day 1 followed the 'typical' number of efforts and the HR response for a HIIT Rollers session. On Day 2 I was able to TRIPLE the efforts that I did, with not a lot of change in HR. On Day 3, instead of it being an effort to do 20 minutes, I did 60 minutes, at high cadence at a low HR. On Day 4, once again, I managed a higher amount of efforts than I would usually be able to do, at a LOWER HR. In explanation, a lower HR at the SAME (or a higher) intensity for LONGER means greater utilization of oxygen and less oxygen debt, as the heart is having to work less in getting oxygen efficiently around the body. To REALLY get a measure of this, a gas analyzer would need to have been worn during the exercise. As well as there being a longer period of Cre-02 use.

Endurance: 9/10. My endurance is usually pretty high anyway. However, resistance sessions done on both Day 1 and Day 4 were longer than I would normally do, and I could have kept going.

Recovery: 9/10. Recovery was excellent. On Day 2 I TRIPLED my efforts during HIIT, the day AFTER I had just done a HIIT session (and done on the Rollers, that is saying something, since it feels so much HARDER for me than if I do my HIIT sprinting). On Day 3 I was able to do 'steady-state' cardio at a cadence of 116-120 rpm (120 rpm is time-trial cadence), which is a high cadence to be able to maintain easily, and especially after two consecutive days of HIIT!

Overall: 8.5/10. Normally I am 'done' after 8 efforts during HIIT Rollers, and being able to do 16 and 24 efforts and STILL feel GREAT was amazing. And the fact that 60 minutes passed without me feeling it, and only stopping because I don't need to be doing cardio that long (i.e. I could have easily kept going for ANOTHER hour!), is something else that had me smiling.

Would I use it again? Yes. I would actually like to run a full bottle in early 2009.

Would I recommend? I would wait until AFTER I had done a longer run (i.e. 3-4 weeks) of Cre-02 and seen what experience/effects I had during that, before I could say whether or not I would recommend it.

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