I've recently had the opportunity (thank you, Eric) to try SLIN. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I stopped using it after 24 days...

What is it?

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Slin is the most advanced insulin potentiator on the market. Insulin is used in elite bodybuilding circles to force more nutrients into the muscle cells thereby giving you increased growth. Unfortunately INSULIN is illegal and dangerous if used improperly. SLIN is the safe, legal alternative that will give you similar results without side effects!

Taste: 8/10. From the first dose, SLIN smelt and tasted like cinnamon (no genius there, since it contains Cinnamon Extract). Quite pleasant actually.

Side Effects: 5/10. Over the course of 24 days I dosed SLIN through the full dosage range (and a little higher). No hypoglycaemic effects were experienced at any dosage. However, dosed at 2 and 3 caps I experienced mild nausea and stomach upsets, which were absent when dosed at 4 and 5 caps. And dosing at 5 caps, I began to experience insulin-like side effects: a skin irritation, redness and swelling that were exacerbated by perpetual itchiness, leading to rashes/welts, all over my body, from head to feet. (Note that I take responsibility for the reactions that occurred when I was dosing at 5 caps per dose, as it DOES say on the label "take 2-4 caps").

Overall: 7/10. SLIN is recommended to be dosed at 2-4 caps up to 3 times daily before meals. SLIN claims insulin-like effects without insulin-like sides. Regardless of the dosage, I experienced no bloating or water retention the day AFTER days where I had high-carbohydrate and/or high energy (>4000 cal/day) intakes. (Note that for the first 16 days that I was using SLIN I was ALSO using NeoVar Recomped (i.e. creatine/nutrient repartitioner/insulin mimic*), dosing at the SAME time).

Would I use it again? Possibly. If I were not using another product that had the same effects.

What would I do differently if I used it again? I would definitely stick to dosing only ONCE daily (immediately post-gym on resistance training days, and immediately post-cardio on non-gym days), at 4 caps, since there were no sides at all at this dosage...I would also make sure that I was not using any other product that mimicked insulin*.

Would I recommend? Yes. Provided the recommended dosage was adhered to. And there were no more effective products available.

This review is also available in my log (post #460) in the Supplement Reviews/Logs subsection of the Supplements Forum: Restoring Rosie: AN calls in the full cavalry (and a few extras), and in the LG Sciences subsection of the Supplement Companies Forum: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/lg-sc...-s-review.html

* Although the side effects I experienced only occurred when I was no longer using NeoVar Recomped, the combination of using two insulin mimicking products may have been too much???