First Cycle feedback...Epi/Pslin

  1. First Cycle feedback...Epi/Pslin

    Hey Guys and Gals, This will be my first cycle in 13 years. After reading some of the logs i have decided to go for the Epistane (PoppyPants and Silver3CSRT8 many thanks for the informative logs guys) My only question would be this...Do you all think that since this is my first cycle I should just do the Epistane alone or add some more goodies in there? P-Slin...Poseidon or any other goodies ?

    I will probably run the Epi at 10-20/30/40/40 and maybe another week at 40 depending.

    I will be taking:

    Muscle Milk
    Cycle Support

    PCT would be :

    Torem ( If I can find it again)

    Any help would be appreciated and welcomed

  2. Did you ever do this? I'd like to know what you thought of using pslin concurrently with epi.

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