Renegade soap log (RPN)

  1. Renegade soap log (RPN)

    I've had the soap for a while now.

    Here's my situation.
    Go out once every 2 weeks (post-Gustav and Ike). Was going out every weekend, often both nights, in the summer. (Damn hurricanes!)
    Have a girl from high school back in TN that I reconnected with a few years ago that I've been pursuing from afar. I think I'm going to get together with her again Thanksgiving or Christmas when I'm back up that way.

    So - I've been bleeding the soap in once a week in addition to before I go out.

    I hadn't noticed anything different in my normal daily routine - gym, store, work, errands. I've been out now twice with it. First time the bar was dead. Didn't notice anything different with my interactions with females.

    Then there was last night. Lemme say I'm impressed.

    I noticed early on at the bar we went to I was getting more direct eye contact than I'm normally used to. What I normally see is a girl might look my way until I look towards her. I walked outside to the patio area and noticed this blonde chick staring at me after I walked by (walked pretty close - not sure if close enough to smell the pheramones). I said hi - very friendly.

    At that point a dude I was with (it was his 25th b-day) began to cause a scene with a group of girls. He was drunk. My other friends either laughed or were just sorta frozen - didn't know what to do.

    I strode over and just totally took control of the scene. The girls were majorly PO'ed and were getting ready to leave. I was able to turn them from PO'ed to "oh hai" within a few minutes.
    That was what really stunned me.
    (Those girls weren't all that drunk either.)

    Anyway - I just wandered around the bar till it closed at 2. I noticed girls I randomly approached were more open than I'm used to.

    I likes!
    Can't wait to sea what it does on this girl I've been after. She's usually friendly when I've interacted with her in the past but somewhat awkward - I think she isn't sure what pool I'm in (friend or dating). Mainly because I never made a move the very few times I had a chance in the past.

    With this stuff - I have no doubt.

    Anyway - I'll be buying when it comes out.

  2. It's out, and it's already out of stock. All these reviews have been positive so far, can't wait to try it.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  3. Oh - it's out?? Damn - didn't even know that.

    I'd suggest dood's try this.

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