Short Review of 3-AD

  1. Short Review of 3-AD

    Just Finished 3-AD a few weeks back and am posting a nice and simple thumbs up or thumbs down for the product with a little added information.

  2. I started with my weight at 162.5 early morning weigh in. I was highly skeptical at first with everything but in the end I had to give this product a thumbs up.

    Now to add some infromation in no particuallar order.

    Oh and no not sprd. I got to pay for this all on my own!
    Age :21
    wgt: 162.5
    Bd fat 12%

    The total cycle for a box for me was 22 days. This being 4 per day.

    Didn't feel sh** untill day 5. Took with the reccomended amount of fat(used Peanut Butter!). Day 5 was like god came down as was like hey have some test.limbo.and well hell some more acne.
    Same day my strength went up a tad. Endurance rose caught my breath after only 20-30 sec. of rest.
    Side effect only being Pizza face. Oh and huge MF Nuts felt like I was hiding kiwi's in my sack.

  3. 6-12

    Ok days 6-12 were even better! I had some great gains on my lifts my bench was on the rise since start already 20 pounds and for a hard hard gainer of mass and strengh that was great! Having sweet random boners here and there.Felt like I was 18 again. SIDE EFFECT: Horrible sharp pain in my nuts! Would appear off and on for 5-10 minutes then dissappear. I talked it over with reps. They said to stop with any spiker type of supplement. After doing this all ended. Bad news it took 3 days to get this great advice!
  4. 13-22

    Ok days 13-22

    Still good gains on lifts. Started noticing joint ache! (my guess is the low low low estrogen in my body) My weight by the end of it all was 175 with some extra fat. My diet had slacked of and little more fast food came into my stomache and was very tasty.
    My side effects really had either vanished or stayed the same. acne was less. Noticed hair loss but my hair had grown from short to longer. Hair loss was not great maybe 2-3 strands after running my hand through.

    Over all after day 22 I was happy with AX product. Really can't say it was very very great because it didn't kick in for 5 days so 5 days of jack and Sh**. And price sucks. If it was lower I would rate this a 8 of 10. But since its nearly 90 i give it a 7.5 of 10.
    If there is any questions hit me up! Would be glad to awnser any!

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