running muclemeds arimatest

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    running muclemeds arimatest

    so im 17 years old, have a year and a half lifting experience.
    ive wanted to run a test booster for a while but i didnt want to get anything too hardcore first time, so im running musclemeds arimatest. i didnt pick it because of its claims, but becasue of the reviews on here, anyways, im splitting up a cycle (60 tablets) with a buddy, and we get 30 apiece.

    im running one a day before i lift for a week, then 2 a day. 1 a.m. and one before i lift. then tapering off with 1 daily.

    anyways i got them, not too bad, tastes like asprian, dissolved quickly. ive been running them for a week now. (today was the first day with 2)

    all ihave to say is i like this stuff. Im a lot more focused, even one of my buddies (who doesnt know im on it)said that i was looking prety focused. Having anger issues, like 30 minutes after i take one all week

    and today was really bad(first day with two daily), i was getting really pissed off easy. (being in a room with someone i hate doesnt help)

    Im waking up with pretty good pumps, which also suprises

    last night i had swim practice, and did triceps afterwards, breezed through it

    (close grip (145 easy), cable pushdowns 160, 170, 180, 200 -which is up 40lbs from last week weighted dips (45 lbs easy) and nosebreakers(easy too!) and this was after swimming!

    this morning i had weightlifting class, and we did chest. (i usually dont train triceps followed by chest but i made an exception)

    in 20 minutes 4x8 135 bench, incline, and closegrip( with 30 sec breaks)

    was tired but i did them all (which is a first for me while my triceps are really tired) and felt like i had gas left!

    and my appetites up, but that might be from swim practice

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    another day with 2 pills. swim practice then weightroom. did back

    4x8 135, 185, 225, 225 bent rows (smith machine)
    seated cable rows 4x4 150 160 160 140
    lat pull downs 4x8 180 270 320 320 (320 is a new best for me up 50lbs since last week)
    assisted widegrip pull ups 4x10 50 lbs help, 40 lbs, 30 lbs 40 lbs (failed at 9)

    hip was hurting from falling during basketball game, so i skipped deads

    appitite is through the roof. im literally starving through the day. and lunch at school isnt til 1 o clock.

    weight is up a pound 171 with food in me ( 169 with a EMPTY stomach)

    really enjoying this a lot

  3. i hope you got this stuff 85% off!
  4. 84bandit
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    with the gold card, and splitting it, it cost me $32.
  5. 84bandit
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    another day another dose.

    did legs last night, typical leg workout squats front squats, leg presses and extensions walking lunges.
    usually i wake up with sore legs because i hit them so hard. but this morning i wasnt sore at all. period.

    i guess no one cares about this stuff huh?

    weighted in at right over 169 last nite, with nothing in me.



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