Halovar log, weights + training MMA

  1. Halovar log, weights + training MMA

    Hey everybody. My first post here is going to be a halovar log. Halovar comes in 30 50mg caps, as I'm sure many of you know. I am currently on day 2 of my cycle.

    Some background info:
    6'0'', 166lbs, blood pressure 174/26, pulse 60 (taken yesterday)

    I train for MMA with American Top Team (BJJ, Boxing, Muay thai) under a pro UFC fighter and have been competing in muay thai and some boxing for years. I train about 5 times a week, and as a result of all the cardio and conditioning we do, it is difficult for me to put on mass. I eat very healthy, no sodas, low sugar, all good healthy complex carbs, dietary fights and a buttload of protein. I have gone from 155- 166 strictly on a 3500-4000 cal a day minimum, but I have kind of hit a plateu. In addition to the martial arts training, I do 4 days a week or so of heavy weights. My workout is a modified stronglifts.com 5x5 program, with many added excercises per bodypart.

    I work at a supplement shop, so I have access to discounted prices on all sorts of prohormones, but I have never tried them before this cycle. Sometimes I get tested as a result of being a fighting competitor, but I will now have a little 6-month layoff from taking matches as I am joining the fire academy starting december 1st, so I figure it's time to give em a try.

    Other supps I will be taking (and have been, so they should not effect this log):
    Gaspari's Superpump 250
    XTEND (BCAAs & Glutamine)
    Dymatize Megashake and/or BSN's True Mass for a gainer
    Multivitamins, glucosamine+chondroiton

    Post cycle will be: Novedex + Vitrix (tribulus supp)

    Sorry if I missed anything important to put into my opening post. Please let me know if I messed up in any way. I'll appeciate all your advice and any questions you might have. I don't know how long halovar is supposed to take to get into your system, but my biceps felt tighter last night (1st day) after ju jitsu than normal.

    It won't let me post before pictures yet, because I haven't made enough posts. I'll do that and post them in a few days.


  2. Oh yea, 23 years old.

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