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I Need Help Asap

  1. Exclamation I Need Help Asap

    Hey everyone
    ive been working out for four years now, ive been hitting th gym constantly and i've seen the results i hoped for.
    Currently i am finishing my 21 cycle on Animal test which cost about 100 bucks, however, this is my second shot of the anobolic stuff. so im planing on taking 2 weeks off to recover the liver and what not and get back into it.
    However, mean while im searching for one the best anabolic products out there, it seems like every forum i check out says something different,
    You guys out there that have tried it and seen whats good
    help out a mate

  2. hmm...when you say anabolic you mean promotes muscle growth in general or specific muscle growth?

    Personally i have found sucess with
    -Applied Nutriceuticals Igf-2/Neovar recomped
    -LG sciences I-gh-1
    -A solid diet
    -Blue up seems to be getting good reviews and is decently priced

  3. How do you differentiate between the two, Specific and general?

  4. differentiate between the two? What do you mean? Anabolic vs hormonal...if thats what your asking..anabolic is simply creating an environment for successful muscle growth. Hormonal is changing your hormonal levels to speed up the anabolic process

  5. i see what you mean, well i just came off Animal Stack and Animal Test... I saw good results.
    Now i wanna go on something else, but theres so many products and combination of them out there, so im a lil hesitant

  6. just go without some for awhile. No need to rush into supplements back to back. Take your time and research. Opinions are handy yes, but no ones body reacts the same as another. So just be weary of that when taking advice as to what is good vs what is not.

  7. thats true, but with my schedule, i have the next two weeks to recover and the next month i'm free just to concentrate and work out crazy... so i need to order something soon
    anyways thanks for ur reply

  8. well research. You dont need something to get bigger unless you are just a monster now. Its better to know what your putting in your body, why your putting it in your body then to just take someones advice on whats good or not. but do some research and check out those things i told you about. some other things to look at would be trione (6oxo), anabolic edge. best of luck to you!


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