Nos Ether Fall 08' Logged

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  1. LastWO on Nos Ether

    Bicep Workout
    Cable Curls superset Reverse Cable Curls
    150-4x8 100-4x8

    Seated Incline DB Curls
    30's-4x8 35's-4x8

    Machine Curls superset Reverse Grip On Machine Curls
    70-4x8 30-4x8

    -Easily the best bicep pump I've ever had
    -My WO partner joined me as he got back from vacation, he said his pump too was better than even when training bis and tris together, then called me this morning to tell me how damn sore he was
    -Did a good five minutes of practicing holding the front double bicep pose and doing a few good bicep stretches

  2. Final Review

    This may or may not be a fair assessment in this category, as I did not train with a powerlifting split as I did in previous Nos Ether logs. The other aspects I can say are very accurately gaged, but I didnt see too much in terms of strengths. I think I set one or two PR's, but seeing as I train my ass of and eat big I do expect to be setting at least one PR every 3 or 4 weeks.

    Now that there is the upped dosage of cit mal along side more BA its safe to say this is the only endurance supp that competes with MAN Body Octane.

    As I've said in the past, gms, arachadonic acid are the only supps that give better pumps than Ether. Divanil is slightly under the Nos Ether pump. As far as NO supps go Nos Ether is among the best, but the pumps did not match pervious versions of Ether.

    1 on taste 8 on mixing. I never grew accustomed to the taste, but besides some floaters and a few specs at the bottom it mixes just fine with glass and spoon.

    Cre02, as of now is the closest another creatine comes to this, size-on and clout are really great too. Nos Ether contends with these other top formulas, if not edging them out slightly (NE's down falls are that is upset my stomach and by far has the worst taste of any supp, of any kind, that Ive used)

    45$ is not bad at all, the price was barely raised (only like 3 bucks or so) which is nothing seeing at cit mal is so expensive in bulk, and that theres far more cit mal in this formula than the last.


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