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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Diesel View Post
    skip that. Thats like drinking concrete mix. Id rather just mix it with 4oz of V8 fusion juice, or drink it reg. in cold water. To me it just taste sour.
    im gunna get v8 fusion tonight at wal mart and let you know how that goes, that may be my new way of dosing Ether.

  2. So I tried it in 14oz v8fusion blueberry pomegranate flavor.

    It didnt improve the taste much and upset my stomach for about 20 minutes.

    I'll get last nights WO (arms) and tonights update after legs tonight.

  3. Post End of Week One Update

    -Last night I trained arms, legs were tonight.
    -pump on arms was one of the best in recent memory
    -bodyweight was 203 tonight
    -no recomp affect to note
    -strength gains already seen on barbell bicep curls and on shoulder presses, but I'll expect the most strength from the nos ether in weeks 3&4
    -leg WO was modest again (pretty much all isolations) due to my lower back being all F'ed
    -the last 3 days Ive been stretching daily with my roomate, I wanna be able to do the splits and hit that splits twisting double bicep whenever I get my life in order enough to compete in npc
    -mixed it with 1 glass of v8 fusion and didnt like it, I prefer dosing this by using as little water as possible and chugging it down
    -not sure if I can truly feel the mind right blend, nor was I before I started this bottle as I came strait from the last version to this one (why I didnt reverse load)
  4. Day 9, Pecs and Delts

    The Lift
    Incline Bench

    DB Flys

    DB Shoulder Press

    Machine Laterals
    -4 sets, 2 of 16 and 2 of 12 pyramiding up in weight

    Product Notes
    -recovery is tremendous
    -my stomach gets upset with this version far more than the previous versions, a general feeling of naseua that lasts about 20 minutes and starts roughly 5 min after dosing
    -pumps are above average, but as a whole havent lived up to past ETHER versions
    -strength seems to be climbing, but no skyrocket PR's (although those rarely happend after yrs of training)

  5. Sorry I havent updated in a few days, I was finishing up some stuff for school, anyway, now I'm on break, expect a detailed update tonight after I lift!

  6. BackWO update (Day 11)

    -Great pump
    -Felt very focused for how tired I was going into it
    -Got a plate and 3 25's/side for 8 on bent smith machine rows (underhand) which is a new PR
    -forearm pump was damn near unbearable (had to stop my partial deads early cus of it)
    -Did partial deads (from knee hight), my back is feeling better after getting adjusted
    -The powder still leaves me feeling like I might puke for a good 20min afterwards, and the herbal tea aroma does not go well with the sour "lemon" taste
    -At this point I do not prefer this to past version of NOS ETHER

  7. Workouts look pretty good man, keep it up.
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  8. I get the same discomfort from JP8, Chuck suggested it might be the phosphates. I haven't tried Ether to compare, but I would probably get the same stomach issues; I found taking in straight in powder form, then washing it down with water worked best. Mixing would just make it worse for me.
  9. Update

    Just thought I'd mention the past two days I've went on fairly challeneging 2 hr+ hikes and did not have the water weight, weighed down feeling that I get when performing tough cardio while on creatine monohydrate.

    I also played about an hour of pickup games last night, and my legs were good to go again on my hike today, so in that respect recovery has been great.

    The real test will be training legs tomorrow after two days of tough cardio.
  10. Updates from this weeks arms day and legs day

    well I dont really see the need to keep typing out every lift, for those following along, let me know if you want me to go back to that or just keep up with the notes every few days as Ive been doing the last week.

    -For arms yesterday I hit a PR on barbell curls, got 155 for 5 and I never go over 135 I'm pretty damn excited about this as Im trying to bring my arms up
    -No PR's on legs, but I was actually impressed I was able to keep the same numbers after being fried from all the hiking over the weekend
    -pumps dont seem to be as good as the versions with arginine, but the recovery and endurance aspects really shines with this version
    -For some reason the upset stomach seems more prevalent in the preWO dose than the postWO dose.

  11. Just commenting on how the workout went, and PR's/comparison is plenty. Sometimes I wonder how much to include as well.
  12. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Just commenting on how the workout went, and PR's/comparison is plenty. Sometimes I wonder how much to include as well.
    cool, thx for the feedback
  13. Day 20 chest and delts

    -Incline benched 275 for 3 and a half reps (4 with help)
    -actually felt like I was gaining energy throughout the lift
    -handles the hundos for db press again!
    -db side laterals are going up in reps, for example when I used to get 12 reps with the 30s then the 35s today i got 17 with the 30s and 14 with 35's
    -Ive only got 3-5 days left on this judging by how much powder is left.
    -I'm looking forward to switching my training routine to Hany Rambods FST-7 program after the log!
  14. Day 22 best backWO ever

    The Workout
    Well today I switched up my routine and had the best back pump I've had in 6+ yrs of training. Following the main idea of Hany rambods FST-7 I did four sets per movement, rather than 7, but allowed only 30 seconds rest between sets. This was unreal, I used moderate weights.

    Underhand Pulldowns
    180x4 sets of 8

    by the 4th set my rear delts were already crying for help!

    Hammer Strength Rows
    2plates/sidex4 sets of 8

    Behind The Neck Pulldowns
    140x4 sets of 8

    Seated Rows
    160x4 sets of 8

    Bent Rows
    135x4 sets of 8 overhand/superset 4 sets of 8 underhand

    Tried to hit a few sets of shrugs but was FRIED!

    Finished with abdominal work.

    -Well I've got about two days of doses left, I didnt wanna switch up the training during the log, but Hany says the training is best for stretching muscle fascia when used with no2, creatine and cell volumizers, so I figured whats better than Nos Ether?!
    -This was really what my body needed, my forearms, biceps and entire back had a pump beyond comprehension, not to mention I hate sitting around between sets anyway.
    -I cant wait to see if this can bring up my arms and my back thickness, once those are on par with my chest/traps/delts I feel the need to start competing at small local shows as its been a goal of mine for a damn long time.
  15. Day 23 Triceps

    -Tomorrow will be my last day, so I figured I'd go ahead and keep training the way I started yesterday rather than sticking to the old routine which wasn't producing as much results.

    -first off, let me say my back is the most sore its been in recent memory today.

    -tomorrow will be my last nos ether workout, I'll train biceps

    Todays Lift
    -note all supersets were done with 30 seconds rest between seach superset, moving from the first movement to the second with no rest

    Close Grip Bench superset pushdowns
    185 (4x8) and 150 (4x8) respectively

    Lee Haneys superset Overhead Cable Extensions
    25 (4x8) 150 (4x8)

    Machine Tricep Extensions superset dip machine
    100 (4x12) and 80 (4x12)

    Finished with balancing on dip bars and holding for one min at full extension, resting 30 seconds and another minute with a partial bend (Mike Libratores tip in the new MD)

    -Bar none best tricep pump Ive ever had, matched a usual arm day pump on nos ether, and that was without even pumping up my biceps at all
    -I've always said Nos Ether is the best stim free atp/creatine product out and I still agree, although I do wish the flavoring and GI distress issues would be resolved (but I dont see either happening) as a result I'll be switching to a capped creatine after this, not sure which one yet. But using a cell volumizer/NO supp while using this type of training has blown my mind in just a few short day
    -my back is still pumped from yesterday (not totally, but noticeably fuller than usual!)
  16. LastWO on Nos Ether

    Bicep Workout
    Cable Curls superset Reverse Cable Curls
    150-4x8 100-4x8

    Seated Incline DB Curls
    30's-4x8 35's-4x8

    Machine Curls superset Reverse Grip On Machine Curls
    70-4x8 30-4x8

    -Easily the best bicep pump I've ever had
    -My WO partner joined me as he got back from vacation, he said his pump too was better than even when training bis and tris together, then called me this morning to tell me how damn sore he was
    -Did a good five minutes of practicing holding the front double bicep pose and doing a few good bicep stretches
  17. Final Review

    This may or may not be a fair assessment in this category, as I did not train with a powerlifting split as I did in previous Nos Ether logs. The other aspects I can say are very accurately gaged, but I didnt see too much in terms of strengths. I think I set one or two PR's, but seeing as I train my ass of and eat big I do expect to be setting at least one PR every 3 or 4 weeks.

    Now that there is the upped dosage of cit mal along side more BA its safe to say this is the only endurance supp that competes with MAN Body Octane.

    As I've said in the past, gms, arachadonic acid are the only supps that give better pumps than Ether. Divanil is slightly under the Nos Ether pump. As far as NO supps go Nos Ether is among the best, but the pumps did not match pervious versions of Ether.

    1 on taste 8 on mixing. I never grew accustomed to the taste, but besides some floaters and a few specs at the bottom it mixes just fine with glass and spoon.

    Cre02, as of now is the closest another creatine comes to this, size-on and clout are really great too. Nos Ether contends with these other top formulas, if not edging them out slightly (NE's down falls are that is upset my stomach and by far has the worst taste of any supp, of any kind, that Ive used)

    45$ is not bad at all, the price was barely raised (only like 3 bucks or so) which is nothing seeing at cit mal is so expensive in bulk, and that theres far more cit mal in this formula than the last.


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