Gettin Extreeeeemee With The Double Or Nothing Stack +new Ether

  1. Gettin Extreeeeemee With The Double Or Nothing Stack +new Ether

    Alright dawwwgss

    It's time for war once again and im going into battle prepared with

    I will also be stacking neovar recomped, and no shotgun v3.

    Goals for this stack: Looking for the strength mainly, recovery will be a big plus because im doing bill stars 5x5 while running this and well, it beats the **** out of me lol. And added endurance for squats/deads. Im trying to set a few PRs while on this: currents looking to surpass, squat: 410, flat bench: 335. Even if it's by 5 pounds i'll be happy haha, I had ran the old ether and just DTH a few months back and it gave me the initial push through the plateus that led up the my current prs.

    The DTH is small now and goes down alot easier.

    The new ether dosent taste as bad as the old one, well atleast not to me, it's not a mojito but who gives a ****, you wanna get big, or sip on a fruity drink before the gym?

    Now I'm dosing it accoring to the instructions on Get Diesel Nutrition however on the DTH it says the first 5 days do not exceed 2 tabs a day, well the dosing instructions has me at 4 pills the 2nd day, so i've been following it according to plan, currently on day 6.

    So far: Im as horny as bill clinton, seriously I feel like im drunk, i even wanna bone fat chicks!! (well not quite yet) lol.

    Strength: I'll be recording my lifts because im still adjusting to this routine, and i missed fridays workout because of halloween and had drank signifigantly lol so strength suffered quite a bit on monday, and yesterday was back to normal.

  2. Just for the record im sitting here counting down the seconds till tomorrows workout


  3. Alright yesterday was day 7, dose protocol told me to take off on DTH so I did.

    Fridays workout:

    Man i was ****ing tired as HELL and sick with no drive before working out, but half way through my work out some switch flipped and the endurance i had was pretty unreal.

    5x5-ramped sets, 245,255,265,275,295, (super tired at this point)

    Flat bench 5x5 straight sets with 225. (Heres where i woke up and realized the endurance Im so use to training low volume so typically high sets murder me but i was throwing the weight up like ****, i went into each set like it was my first.

    Dynamic rows, wow strength is def way up on these too.

    5x5 straight sets with 185 plowed through these aswell

    Notes: I am still adjusting to this program finding my weights I am signifigantly stronger then the lifts above so nothing to report on strength other then getting more reps out there, I will say this is my 2nd week doing dynamic rows and i'm +20pounds

    Weight :175

  4. Wowa with the sexual dreams, last night I was awoken three times and fell back asleep all three each with its own unique girl getting nailed hahah /me takes nap

    Euphoria is def high and general feeling of well being is awesome!

    cant wait for monday

  5. Alright broskies Mondays workout

    Squats 5x5 295

    Bench 5x5-ramped sets 245x5 255x5 265x5 275x4 carried the weight over for next set and hit it again for 4.

    Dynamic rows 165x5 175x5 180x5 185x5 195x5

    Strength is definately on the rise.

    Endurance is only getting better and my recovery time between sets is nice!

    Today I start my DTH 2010

    The initial "umph" of the DTH is slowing a tad but nothing major

  6. Nice stuff The initial surge of energy was probably a bit of excitement mixed in there too

  7. Sorry guys, been busy as hell.

    but WOW-alright a couple things, right below my kneecaps have been killing me I suppose the squats + being sedentary alot is taking hold, and my lower back seems to be owned real bad so I skipped last wensdays deads, and fridays squats.

    However on friday I got 245 5x5 on bench +20 from last week, and standing militarys are up at 135 5x5.

    Monday 11/17s workout..uhm wow lol.

    squats 305 5x5.

    Bench ramped, alright i started out with 255x5, to 275x5, 285x5 295x4, I decided that wasnt good enough ( I like to round up) :P and went home with 300 for 4.

    Strength is up there man for sure.

    I even missed a day of ether aswell

    Next week is two weeks of deloading, may run three, but im going for 315x5 atleast

  8. Don`t forget to listen to your body. Sore knees might be an indication that you aren`t squatting properly. Not saying this is the reason, but try and focus on your form and see if there is less pain. Also consider supplementing with Glucosamine +Chondroitin Sulfate, and perhaps something like Cissus.

    Is the libido still through the roof

  9. Libido is more elevated then normal, its not so much so thinking about sex all day, but when you're horny YOU'RE horny, rapist horny, haha you NEED to have sex.

  10. Yeah i think im just going to take a break from squats in general man, after squats today I had trouble going down stairs without my legs giving out..

  11. Skipped legs today, bench 255 5x5, rows 195 5x5.

    Im averaging about 10 pounds a week on all lifts.

    Monday is deloading, im not sure if im doing the 3x3 deload though

  12. Missed mondays work out so i carried it over to today, alright first off i'm sitting at 180 pounds now so +5, AND i still have really harsh knee pain so i havent squatted in about two weeks, deloading phase, sets are 1x3 (3 sets of 3) increasing weight each set.

    flat bench
    315x2(PR)-Wasnt satisfied with this so i decided to hit a 4th set and nailed it.

    Dynamic rows

    Also threw in 3 sets of hammer curls at the end


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