Mones for Moans (RPN Renegade soap)

  1. Mones for Moans (RPN Renegade soap)

    I would like to thank DSADe and Crader for sending me Renegade soap to log and give real world results.
    (I know this log is late..but finally got it in yesterday!)

    I've used pheromones with success (Androstenol/Androsterone).

    I'm very excited about using Androstenone in social settings since I've been a little weary of using this one. I do however put some androstenone on my upper lip before I work out for extra aggression and strength and I would definitely say it works.

    I tried the soap last night and loved it. The scent SMOOTHS out the Androstenone over the surface area of your body nicely! I can smell the 'none' when I smell my skin..but it is very very subtle..this is oh so important when dealing with the king of pheromones. Great Job Dsade!

    I will be using this only when I'm going out or hanging out with girls in order for some control in my social interactions.

    I know the soap is just an added bonus to my arsenal and is not a social crutch, and I still must demonstrate the following..

    eye contact, vocal tonality, good body language, sense of individuality, playfulness, comfort in environment,
    being able to take the lead with a female, masculine dominance, control over emotions, realness, authenticity, and cleverness.

    Women are awesome at reading your sub-communications..better than you even know..and if you can't demonstrate the aforementioned, no pheromone in the world will help your cause!

    That being said..I have got a hot 20 year-old coming over to watch a movie tonight... just giving her a logical excuse to come over and do what she wants to do emotionally all along

    I will report back with my findings.. (borat voice)

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  3. Can't wait to see how it works for you.

  4. sub bed

  5. Update:

    Well I showered with the disc of renegade about 30 minutes before my lady friend came over. I really love this is very alpha IMO. I used no other cover-scents on top of renegade.

    My goal was to notice any subtle changes in her behavior, because we have hung out together a few times alone before.

    Right off the bat she commented how 'super fresh' I smelled when I hugged her..she was very playful to start off with and I kept trying to push her off my bed and told her she had to watch the movie from the floor. She loved that and the tension just built from there..definitely more aggressive than I've seen her from previous a good way of course. I'll save all the juicy details..but afterwards she cuddled for a lot longer than normal and was so very talkative. She smelled my chest again and told me that I still smelled really really good!

    Noticed: playfulness, aggressive (in a take what I want kinda way), stronger sexual tension, more cuddly, more talkative than normal

    These ques were subtle but I definitely noticed behavioral changes this time..for the better of course.

    Great job guys this renegade soap is a keeper!



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