T-911 Log

  1. T-911 Log

    Hey fellas I just got my T-911 bottle from LG Sciences. I'm gonna start logging it on Monday. All I can say is I just tried my first dose and have to say that it hits hard right away. I cant describe the feeling just yet. All I can say is wow!!
    Lots more details coming soon.

    I deleted my inbox and am not sure which LG rep arranged this log for me. LG rep that hooked this up please post on here or pm me what you would like me to mention in my honest log.

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  2. bump

    Bump for the LG rep to contact me please.

  3. Lg Rep!!

    LG REP please contact me so I can start this log.
    BTW I just took my third dose and have to say I feel awesome within half an hour. I feel like hitting the weights and getting it on with my girl.

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