Havoc - 3 weeks in

  1. Havoc - 3 weeks in

    I wasn't going to type anything up, but I'm having good results so I figured I would add to the massive amount of reviews for this compound.

    I am almost finished with 3 weeks of Havoc. My dosage is 30 mg straight through. This is an all out bulk for me. Here are my results so far as well as my thoughts on it.

    Starting weight - 155
    Present weight - 172
    Weight increase - + 17
    I attribute 5 pounds to high carb intake which is a usual occurrence for me. Another 2-3 pounds of fat according to my calipers. This leaves 9 pounds of lbm which is insane for me.

    Pros - Mass and strength!

    Cons - Sore joints, High blood pressure (1st week), perpetual hunger

    Other - Lethargy

    I'm not sure about the lethargy. It's not unbearable but it began even before I started dosing Havoc. Felt lethargic from the beginning of Cycle Support dosing. Any reason for this?

    I had blood pressure headaches and high blood pressure the first week. I increased hawthorn berry and it went away.

    I haven't had back pumps, but I have been dosing 5g taurine before workouts.

    I am pretty much pure ectomorph; 6 inch wrists and all. Havoc has been amazing at putting size on places I've never had an increase in before, such as my neck and forearms.

    I'll update into my PCT and beyond to see if I gain some more weight and keep it through pct. Any questions just let me know.

  2. What other supps did you use along with Havoc?
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  3. A.I.'s Cycle Support
    B-vitamin complex
    Fish Oil
    Hawthorn Berry
    Bulk Cissus

  4. YIKES over a 10% gain in weight very nice!

    Keep us up to date and good luck.

    Be careful about your joints. If you have to slow down the speed of your reps so you still work the muscle but are not increasing the amount of weight you are lifting so fast you do damage.
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  5. Glad to hear it is going so well!

  6. DAY 20

    174lb (+2) (+19 total)

    I don't know how that is possible and I don't care.

    Experienced my first back pumps today...not fun

    Thanks for the comments Crader.

    Crowler, I think I will back off and focus on form with the weight I have been getting. My joints are becoming quite sore and I don't want to risk anything. Thanks.

  7. DAY 24

    173 (-1) +18 total

    Lost a pound since Friday. I'm not sure if it has to do with not eating as much over the weekend or me adapting to havoc. Feeling fairly lethargic.

    My strength is still there in the gym but I have to take stimulants to get moving.

    Should I cut my cycle short ? I have 3 more days.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by dfohio View Post
    DAY 24
    Should I cut my cycle short ? I have 3 more days.
    I can't see why you would want to cut the cycle short just because you lost 1lb over the weekend. You have 3 days left and have still gained 18lbs overall.

  9. keep going
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  10. Water weight will fluctuate at least 2-3 pounds, as will electrolyte balance.
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