Super Cissus or anything that compares

  1. Super Cissus or anything that compares

    I am thinking of getting super cissus, or something comparable. I was reading about super cissus on the NP website and it claimed to have the ability to regrow tendons (mighty big claim if you ask me). I am looking for some feed back from anyone who can oppose or defend this product in what it says. If not cissus or super cissus, then what supp really offers good joint treatment (pain, etc)? I have a shoulder and elbow (both left side) that bothers me a little bit. I have been resting for the past week or so. I can hear the cartilage grind in my shoulder, and my elbows pop, plus when I press that little indentation outside the elbow, it hurts.

  2. Try some OsteoSport. That's excellent for joints and pains with them and tendons, etc.
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