CRE-02 Opinion

  1. CRE-02 Opinion

    Today I decided to use a sample of Millenium CRE02 to see how it would affect my lifts. I read the directions and it said take 60-120minutes before a workout which I thought was rather odd. I usually use Kre Alkalyn and I usually wait maybe 30 minutes? So I actually got myself started about 1hr 45min after taking this stuff. I kept watch on the clock.

    Started off with the flat bench with slight incline. I was disappointed with my lifts but I don't think the cre02 had anything to do with it. I did 180lb for 14 reps doing rest pause. I usually don't do a flat bench so this might be why I was disappointed.

    Now, with my other exercises I was hopeful. I did reasonably well through them. Found my biceps getting some size on them and some in my chest. I did not feel any dryness in the mouth. I usually feel that with KA if I have not taken in enough water.

    It seemed like as I went through the workout it somehow got better and better. I did not feel the blahs but I knew I was done.

    I still have another sample of it to take and I will take it on my next workout which will be arms and legs on Wednesday afternoon.

    CRE02 does not disappoint me but it doesnt quite get me excited either. I will see what happens next workout.

  2. both the creatine and the ALA are something of a cumulative thing... I'd think you'd have to take it for a while before any results became apparent. Never used cordyceps so no idea if that kicks in from the first dose or not.

    Samples for things like that i always view more as a "does it make you **** yourself or not" type sample rather than any insight into how good it is as a supplement. Pre-workout energy drinks on the other hand, samples are a great way to tell how well they work. If you get my point.

    Anyway, cheers for posting your feedback... I've got a tub of cre-02 on the way and am looking forward to it!

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