superpump 250

  1. superpump 250

    OK guys I admit I always see the ads and they get to me so i ordered some superpump 250. I got the SP to use as a pre-workout stim during PCT as I have come off my stim fat burner also and I wanted a bump pre work out

    First thing it didn't disolve as good as my protein powder and the taste was a little Harsh I had to add more water.

    SO i started my worked out with a heavy sweatshirt on as always to keep warm work a sweat I did Shoulder Presses, Upright Rows, Shrugs and some Machine Chest Presses after about 30min I decided to remove my sweat shirt just to see. and all I can saw was DAMN I was BLOWN up. My traps delts and Chest were are Noticeablly Pumped. and I also felt like I could just keep going.

    Today I am going to do bi's and tri's and see how the results are. Will report back tonight.

  2. OK did Chest and Bi's today
    2 scoops 45min before work-out

    One thing I have to say DO NOT mix Mexican food and SP LOL

    anyway work out was good and I had Lots of energy and the pump was there. So i guess it'd doing what it's supposed to. I didnt' buy this product for any gains per se just the pump and energy.

  3. Day 3 legs and triceps

    took 1.5 scoops because of stomach issues on Mon. No stomach problems. I did notice I didn't get so much of a pump as the previous two sessions. But I still had alot of energy did 4 extra sets on triceps. and added reps on my calf raise sets. Also Cardio was fine. I dont' get the kind of energy from say Lipo 6 where i can "feel" it but the energy is there through out the work out.

  4. Ok so it's been about a week i don't use on the weekends only pre wo and I have to say 1.5 scoops and i'm fine 2 or more and i'm in the restroom sometime during my workout But the pump is Fantastic and the energy is great also. Although i probablly will get something different next time either from controlled labs or muscle pharm

  5. I always wondered if that stuff worked, Good honest feedback. Nice job

  6. super pump 250 was more like super dump 250 to me, made me piss out my ass, it was horrible.

  7. Ok just a quick update guess there is something to say about persistance this is my 3rd week and my last two work outs i haven't had any stomach issues I guess my stomach got used to it. Pumps and energy are still great


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