Your personal max out experience

  1. Your personal max out experience

    I am ready to buy Max Out, but I wanted to get some feed back from guys who have actually used it. I also plan to either use max out with DTH or use the Max Out by itself, and then use the dth as sort of pct (although according to Iforce, no needed with Max Out) I want to know of in cycle and post cycle effect of Max Out. Thanks in advance guys.

  2. you dont need PCT with max out, results should be be similar to X factor, and Mass FX.

  3. I don't think anybody has even finished a run of it yet, since it is so new. It's barely been released!

  4. yeah I know about not needing the pct with it. Any thoughts on me stacking it with DTH, Sunami, (RPM for my pre workout)?

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