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  1. how was your experience with lean xtreme, do it cause side effects, particular blood pressure?
    I loved using Lean Extreme, after about 2 weeks could feel a difference in my muscles, they were definitely firmer, and I looked a bit more refined. It was good at helping to keep me motivated while cutting down some pudge, and my strength stayed nearly the same, so I would rate it a success. Blood pressure went up a trivial amount, but I was also on the other stuff as well as I mentioned, so hard to attribute it to just the Lean Extreme. I've always responded very well to anything with Forskolin in it, so no surprise. Good luck man!!

  2. Day 8

    Chest/Tri Workout today

    Nos Ether 2 scoops

    Chestpress: 110-20,210-8,210-8,250-5
    Pec Flyes: 170-6,150-8,150-6
    Chest Dip :2 sets of about 8 each
    Machine Chest Dip:- 2 sets of 50 pounds assistance with 8 reps each.
    Cable Triceps Extension- 60-10,80-8,100-6
    Triceps Pulldowns 100-8,80-8,60-12
    3 sets of inner chest pushups
    A little bit of delt refining work.

  3. who thinks i should add glycergrow aka glycerol monostearate to my intra workout mix.Intraworkout is the best time to take i right. Should i dose according to the bottle.

    I have a full tub from a few months ago but i did not end up using it for some reason.



  4. Day 9

    Back Workout.lil bit of biceps

    Dth 1/1/1(comments i didnt feel that taking two at a time worked for me so, im gonna do this for a bit, i might try 1/1/1/1)
    Nos Ether-1 scoop
    Waxy maize-two scoops
    RPM- 2 caps
    Glycergrow-2 scoops
    Xtend-2 scoops pre and 6 scoops during
    Cissus-2 pre and 2 post

    Lots of supersetting and some high reps for the slow twitch
    Lat Pulldowns-130-7,110-8,60-12,60-12
    Lat Pulldowns focused on lower lats- 90-8,60-12,60-5
    Bent Over Two-Arm Long Bar Row with dumbell-130-8,110-8,115-8,80-12
    Rear delts machine- 110-8,130,8,90-8
    Machine biceps posing curls-40-7,30-8,20-8
    Dumbell back flexes- 90-hold,70-hold

    Notes:ive been workin out more frequently than usual, meaning i guess im recovering faster, but not super fast, maybe 10-15 percent faster than normal.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ari4216 View Post
    i stare at asses even i didnt have libido, only big ones that is.:donut:
    I tend to be into the small booty girls lately. I guess to each their own. I go through
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ari4216 View Post
    i stare at asses even i didnt have libido, only big ones that is.:donut:
    A man after mine own heart!!! I like 'em thick!!! [nomedia]http://[/nomedia]

    "Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most High."

  7. yeah!!!!!

  8. Day 9

    Rest Day no other comments.byah.

  9. Day 10

    Rest Day again.

  10. you incorporate that GG?

    I have a tub sittin here too.......not sure what to do with it? lol

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    you incorporate that GG?

    I have a tub sittin here too.......not sure what to do with it? lol
    yeah it would work well with your xtend and waxy maize intraworkout

    theres gms in it works well intraworkout. Taurine is always good.

  12. Subbed, my friend!

  13. Hows it going ari, thought id pop by and say hi, hope your ok, good log bro...Russian

  14. Quote Originally Posted by russianstar View Post
    Hows it going ari, thought id pop by and say hi, hope your ok, good log bro...Russian
    yeah russian, log to log emono, my log doesnt have as much traffic as yours, haha.

  15. Day 11

    Legs and Shoulders

    Shoulder Shrugs 200-6,160-8, 160-8,90-20,90-20(shrugs are not a science for me but i was doing pretty heavy weights than usual, and for reps its complicated,like i do a lot of static holds on these babys)
    Dumbell Raises 25-8,20-15,20-15
    Lateral Raises 25-8,20-15,20-15,20-15
    (i superset the raises, maybe even do shrugs after this)
    As for the low weight on dumbells and high reps, my shoulder are too big for the rest of my body, so im trying to refine them down.
    Machine Leg Press-270-8,330-6,330-6
    Leg Extensions-170-6,150-8,150-8
    Leg Deflections(forgot the name haha)- 150-6,130-8,130-8
    (i superset Leg extensions and deflections)
    Romanian Deadlifts- 110,110,110 (6-8 reps)(flex the traps at once im standing, not too much weight i must do deadlifts in perfect form or else your back gets screwed)
    lots of supersetting today, i usually like to superset as much as possible, i like the "rush" it gives me, and it saves me time in the gym.

    i think i covered most exercise i did,but i did some others, i forget.

    no nos ether today, i took 1 scoop superpump which i havent done for more than two weeks, subliatimne of course, and all the other stuff i take.


    Numbers for weight are exact, number of reps are not.

    yeah it was pretty intense today, the i hit up the sauna, hit up the cold shower, hit up the hot bath, then hit up chipotle(i got a healthy option,haha)

  16. Quote Originally Posted by luke1984 View Post
    Subbed, my friend!
    joined the ultimatel organizing, excellent.

  17. Day 12

    Rest Day pretty sore, kind of tired from the workout yesterday.

    Keep up the good work people.


  18. People ive been a little busy lately, so im updating two days ago

  19. Day 13 Chest Triceps workout
    really good workout, not the heaviest of m life but i enjoyed it

  20. Day 14 Back Biceps
    Also a great workout would have been greater if had not lost my wallet and i was totally furious more than usuall and i spent 30 minutes looking for it, and it kind of took my agression away but i still had a good workout, with good pump,normal weights.

  21. On day 13 and 14 i combined superpump 250 with nos ether and it was really amazing, i like superpump for its pump and energy and nos ether for stregth good combination. DTH is working more now, im up 3 caps, would like to go higher but to me it did work when i tried going higher. Libido is a little bit improved, aggression as well,revocery as well, but nothing extreme as of yet.

  22. Day 15 and 16 Rest Days

  23. Day 17
    Short and heavy leg day,trap day

    Romanian Deadlifts 110-8,110-8,160-8,180-6!,
    and then 200-3 but i shouldnt have done that 200, i thought i could do more reps, cuse i was feeling good but it didnt work out.
    Leg Extensions- 150-8,170-8,170-8,170-8
    Leg Deflections(forgot the name haha)- 130-8,110-8,130-6

    Trap work i didnt measure but i use the same weights as with the deadlifts.

  24. i guess i hit some pr's with this workout, but i dont really care too much about pr's just if im working my muscle effeciantly, i think some people get to caught up in hitting pr's.
    But i didnt do as much volume as i usually do.
  25. Pics!

    Name:  ari4216-.jpg
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Size:  103.6 KB

    I just wanted to post a picture of myself, how i look right now.

    The camera on my phone is not so good so you can see detail.
    But you can get a picture of what im working with.

    I have made progess in this log already.

    i just color corrected in photoshop, but then the old image stayed, oh well.


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