Maxout Workout and Suggested Supplementation?

  1. Maxout Workout and Suggested Supplementation?

    I was wondering wether or not I would have to change my workout in order to see benefits from max out currently lift body parts twice a week would this be to much on max out since it further incrases doms and agrivates muscle fibers? also wanted to know if protein should increase from about 1.25 per lb. and are there any suggested things to stack this with or are tey not needed (non-hormonal)?

  2. I would really apreciate an answer from someone

  3. just to clarify the supplement I am talking about is I Force Nutrition's Max-Out.

  4. come on guys help a brother out, im somewhat curious bout this too, hopin to run this soon

  5. ill answer best to my ability, i have never run max out, but have done several runs of x factor.

    max out can be run alone and should give great results by itself. if you wanted to stack it with something, creatine would be good or any divanil product would complement this well, but like i said this will work well on its own. (x factor has and max out has extra goodies)

    as far as training goes, i have heard you want to go medium reps with a lot of focus on mind - muscle connection. dont just try to throw up extra weight, in my opinion this is why so many people have soar joints after a run of AA. take into consideration how fast your joints can jump in strength.

    last diet i always clean bulk or dirty bulk. i lean out from AA as it is and i always want to take advantage as much as i can from the AA. wait until about week 2-3 then up your diet 500 cals every 3-5 days and train hard, hope this helps PM me for any other questions.



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