Reset AD Review

  1. Reset AD Review

    I recently took some time off due to illness. As a result of many years of stimulant use I have develop a high tolerance for things like ephedrine and caffeine. As I had become ill and lethargic I had begun to abuse caffeine (in particular) in order to keep my energy and motivation up. Ultimately I began to perpetuate a serious cycle of negative side effects, most significantly, elevated HR, with tension headaches, and insomnia. This went on until I ultimately crashed and burned. Once I stopped running the rat race of the cycle of abuse I realized how tired I was.

    The lack of quality sleep perpetuated the need for more caffeine and the cycle went on. Midday naps, falling asleep after dinner watching TV, to only have insomnia once in bed to sleep.

    As of a week ago Sunday I began to take Reset AD at three capsule daily. Within several days I did notice that I began to experience a sensitivity to caffeine. Meaning less caffeine was producing the jitters - jitters I had not had before. As a result I have attempted to reduce my intake. As with most habits, it not always the chemical caffeine, but the habitual routine of a hot cup of coffee upon rising in the AM (which is 3:30-3:45 for myself) and then a cup or three more at the work routine.

    I have also noticed that I have experienced a bit of a diminished tension and as a result the reduction of tension headaches to a degree. I feel just a bit less stressed and intense than I have for quite a long time now.

    I used three caps a day for the first week and will continue to use two caps for the duration of the bottle.

    So far I am pleased with the results and have experience results that I have anticipated. Nothing ground breaking but noticeable to the discerning stimulant abuser.

    Reset AD (60 capsules) By: Palo Alto Labs

  2. Interesting to see how it treats you. (Someone once suggested that I try this, but it's just a thought in the back of the closet at the moment, to be considered only if things become extreme).
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  3. Did you lethargy leave? mine is lasting since a week now with insomnia and strong heart beat during the night. I have just started Reset AD. Any update is welcome as I feel crap all the day at the moment.

  4. Reset AD is something I use every 4 months or so when I take a complete break from supps. The speed of the effect on my caffeine tolerance is pretty amazing. I don't drink much coffee (normally 1 cup a day) but in Nov I was up to 3 or 4 cups a day and not feeling much. 3 days after taking Reset (3 caps a day) I would get a caffeine headache part way though the 2nd cup.

    This is definitely one of the most underrated supps as it doesn't build muscle/lose fat, etc. and, in most people, the results can be hard to quantify.
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