JP8 Review - Get Diesel preworkout Comparison

  1. JP8 Review - Get Diesel preworkout Comparison

    My JP8 review

    A little History

    I’ve taken probably every version of Chuck’s stimulants back to the first couple versions of Diesel Fuel. Over the years I’ve been enticed by marketing or recommendations of others and veered off trying other preworkout products. In the end I’ve always come back as nothing else has offered me what Chuck’s preworkout products have.

    Many products got me amped…but didn’t give me the results. I would be not have the mental focus and clarity that I need to be successful in moving the maximal weights. Shoving a bunch of stimulants into a product just doesn’t give the same results. Why? Well I was used the Get Diesel’s products which improved my mental clarity, a neuro-stimulant, endurance, and a positive aggressive energy. The end result is I could simply lift more weight when using it, and of course lift longer, harder, and with less rest between sets. Other products made me want to move around a bunch but often resulted in missed big lifts as I didn’t have the focus on the technique and I couldn’t lift as much without the neuro-stimulant and aggressive energy. Chuck’s products simply delivered.

    So a couple years ago I gave up entirely on even trying anything other than Chuck’s preworkout energizers. Some have been more effective than others for me, but fairly minor differences.

    Here is my top 3.

    #3 - R4W Caps I really loved the convenience of the caps and the aggressive spike seemed strongest with this product. I really liked the euphoric feeling from this one as well. All in all this was a fantastic version and I wished I still had a couple bottle around but I owed some friends who are also R4W junkies and lost the last of my private stash recently. The capsule version and being able to be taken close to or with food was very helpful in timing so that I could make sure I took it in a timeframe that would allow me to get to sleep.

    #2 – R4W 6.0 All the same benefits with excellent mental clarity and euphoric feeling. The energy with this version had a really long lasting effect that made long intense workouts that were just nonstop. I had to be careful with the timing so that I could get well rested sleep that night. What I really liked about this one was something in the smell and the bite of the flavor that just let my body know it was time as soon as I opened the bottle and started drinking. It was a nice mental primer that I missed when switching to the capsule form.

    #1 – JP8 It does what the label says. Back to a powder which again I love that mental primer of drinking the liquid and your body knowing what’s ahead from the flavor and aroma of the product. Just some nice mental conditioning once your body learns the association. I like Jp8 because it simplifies my preworkout routine. I have found that I don’t need my preworkout NOS Ether and just save that for my post workout recovery. It is powerful in hitting all the different pathways to optimize training, and I am really liking the product so far quickly catapulting it to my favorite

    Another thing that has worked very well for me is that the energy tapers off quickly after I’m done training. This may not seem a benefit but when you train at 5pm and in bed by 9:30pm it works very well. I have energy all through my workout but never have the nights where I’m lying in bed wide awake, or falling asleep but having an unrested sleep with everything still in my system.

    I have found 2-2.5 scoops to be really effective for my aggressive training at a fairly lean 230lbs. This would probably be on the very high end of what anyone would need I’m guessing. My trainees have been taking 1-2 scoops.
    880 Squat w/Wraps @ 220
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