AX+Stoked 8 week review!

  1. AX+Stoked 8 week review!

    I just finished up an 8 week run of the AX+Stoked stack and thought I would give a little run down of how it went for me. First off let me say it was the best 8 weeks of training I have ever had, and the gains I recieved were amazing. I started to bulk in conjunction with the stack so some of the gains can be contributed to the increased calories I was taking in, but overall I can attribute alot to the supplements. Ill give a bit of a run down of some exercise gains and personal bests, as well as the sides both positive and negative I expierienced while running the stack.

    Starting weight: 187lbs
    End Weight: 208lbs

    Flat bench start - 160x6
    Finish - 165x10, 185x6, 195x3

    Incline Bench start - 155x6
    Finish - 155x10, 165x6

    Squat start - 275x6
    Finish - 315x6

    Barbell row start - 165x6
    Finish - 225x6

    Overhead Dumbell press start - 60x8
    Finish - 70x8, 75x5

    Barbell curl start - 85x8
    Finish - 100x8

    Close grip bench start - 150x8
    Finish - 185x6

    Those are just a few of the gains I recieved on my core lifts, everything else went up as well. As for the sides, they were very minimal, one thing I did experience was a very increased appetite, I had to eat much more to satisfy my hunger, which was a great thing since I am bulking. In total I gained 21lbs in the 8 weeks and my bodyfat increased only minimally, most of my gains were very lean. The only negative side I expierienced was lethargy and need for more sleep, I did feel I needed to sleep much more while on this stack, and started taking short naps throughout the day to help with this. All in all it was a great run, and I would recommend this stack to anyone, I personally cant wait to run it again! One thing I am interested to see now is how much of the strength gains I will keep now that I am done, hopefully they are permanent!

  2. awesome review! I just joined the forum and have been looking at what some think of stoked!

    Great review!!!

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