White Flood And Gvt Awesome Show----great Job!

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  1. Geez, thank God you're alright! And that you were able to get home!

    That is gonna leave you sore, no doubt...
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  2. Nah, I'm fine, y'all! Thanks for the concern. I hit a workout today. It had been since Monday that I had done so. I tried to make that trip during the week. Then, when I came back defeated, me and my little lady hopped in the car and went.

    Anywho, I just got off the ol' grind a while ago. I'm gonna turn in. I will update my final workout and after pics to seal the deal on this log tomorrOH! It's been nice runnin' the Flood! And like I said, I see more of its use in my future.

    Talk at you tomorrow, AM brethren!

  3. I'm glad you are OK bro. Damn things are dangerous (yet fun)! This has been a great run for you. I'm glad you liked Tha Flood!

  4. You've kept a good log here - used WF in a lot of different routines and setups, demonstrates its versatility.
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  5. Well, this is the the end, friends! But never fear, I got a lot more logs coming up. A lot more. In fact, here are the next two I'll be doing:

    1. Animal M-Stak (sponsored)
    2. and after that, Diesel Test Hardcore, Trib Test Xtreme, and six-to-the-oxo stack (unsponsored.....p.s.---this might kill me from what I hear. Chuck's products seem like they ain't no joke from what I've been readin'/seein')

    Anywho, here are the end pictures. They are not as good as I'd hoped. But who cares! The strength is going up BIG. I ended yesterday with a variant routine, as it has been HECTIC around here lately. I just got back from one vacation, the one I took in a car after failing on the bike. And now I gotta get up at 3 in the am for a plane flight for another tomorrow! Jeez.

    Won't go into detail on this last routine since it was a "shoot from the hip" kinda thing anyhow. But lemme just say that I got 8 reps on a final set of dips with a 60 LB'er Got 8 reps finished on a row with 125 lbs. with no rocking Other stuff I'd done was upright rows and curls. Made improvements on them, too! I wil continue on with this routine the best I can this week while on vacation. I will DEFINITELY be back to full loggage mode after this week again, though. Don't know what I'll be logging. Guess I'll make a training log til I start some supps. Here are the afters:
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  6. Man, those are both bad pictures. But trust me, y'all, I've lost a good bit of fat and have gained a good bit of strength. The "tone" can only be seen in my stomach in the pictures. But I'm feeling more "cut" everywhere. I'm feeling good as heck. A bit scrawny, but still, I'm getting stronger. And am resolved to get back the strength I had as a big'n, but still be small.

    P.S.- That vid will come someday soon when I can hit some ol' PR's! Night y'all!

  7. Great log buddy, comin along nicely!


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