millenniums....Ragnarok experience

  1. millenniums....Ragnarok experience

    I emailed Millennium for a sample of CRE2 I believe it was. I got several more supplements in the mail with. So today I tried Ragnarok......Never heard of this stuff before. Usually I take Kre Akalyn by aaefx. I had eaten some frozen yogurt about 30 minutes before I took this stuff.

    Taste wise it was beyond belief. Fruit punch and it similiar to v8s splash. I was sad when it was gone!! I waited about 30 minutes as the directions said so in the meantime I played around with the weights and got some warm ups in.

    Throughout my workout I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. I had no tingles from the BA. The nitric Oxide.... I found some veins in my head popping out which startled me a bit. I hoped they wouldn't explode lol.

    It could be that I don't respond much to NO which I found when I used NOXplode before. I only had a few instances where I near overworked myself on that and the rest of the time it made me sleepy.

    The taste of this stuff was great but bodily I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. Maybe I need a few more times on it? I don't know but the taste sure was great.

    I will be using the other samples they sent as well to see how that goes.


  2. Did you take it on an empty stomach? Perhaps you needed to give it a bit more time to kick in, but I agree the taste is A+!

  3. I had eaten some frozen yogurt about 30 minutes earlier so it wasnt quite empty but I don't know that we could blame that for anything.

    It could be that my system doesnt' respond to certain things. I didn't feel much when I did a tub of NOXplode and I did that on an empty stomach. Only had a handful of times when I did feel something. I have a few other tablets from this company I will be using and I will see how it goes with that.

    Otherwise..the only supplements I really use is KA, whey protein, fish oil, and some multi vits.

  4. The taste is amazing. Caffeine-free Blue Raspberry's my fave. I don't really feel the BA flush from Rag alone either, but I supplement with additional bulk to put me at 6-8 grams throughout the course of a workout day. I have a hard time feeling any difference with creatine or NO precursors from any source... The profile is amazing, and allows me to simplify my Preworkout supplementation quite a bit.

    I probably should change creatine sources again to see if I feel a difference...

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