first ph log: epistane

  1. first ph log: epistane

    hey guys i have been researching and studying on this board for quite awhile and its finally time for me to make my first post.

    I'm going to be doing a pulse cycle of epistane and wouldn't dare do it without help from the pro's.

    Heres what it is going to look like

    Taken Mon Wed Fri
    Week 1 10/20/10
    Week 2 30/30/30
    Week 3 30/30/30
    Week 4 30/30/30 (maybe 40)

    Nolvadex 30/20/20/10
    Lean Xtreme
    Rebound XT

    I currently work out 4 times a week, should I condense it to three because of the pulse days?

    Any other suggestions or comments are welcome!!!

  2. Why pulse? go straight

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    Why pulse? go straight
    Why not pulse?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    Why pulse? go straight
    the main reasons im pulsing is because this is my first cycle and i dont feel my pct is strong enough to go straight through

  5. Feel free to check out the Epistane FAQ in my signature for more information.



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