Toyin' with Testofen & Grapeseed

  1. Toyin' with Testofen & Grapeseed

    I got some GSE and bulk fenugreek extract and figured I should make a log, so this will be my first. I'm on my third week of the Anabolic Diet and liking it so far. I'm hoping to get some synergy with the AI affects of gse and test boosting properties of testofen. I started taking the testofen/gse Friday night, so I'm on day 2 basically.

    Stats: 23years, 6'0, 200 lbs., ~14-15% bf(not really sure on this)

    Training: Weights MWF(focused on compound lifts), Judo TTH

    Goals: recomp, add strength, maintain weight

    Current supps: testofen(1.5g), gse(600mg), Tricreatine mallate(3g), Syntrax Fyre(2-4 caps), JP8/Blast prewo., Glucosamine/Chondroitin, 1-carboxy(1.5g prebed).

    Staples: fish oil, gte, b-complex, multi.

  2. Day 1
    BB Bench:warmup, 225x5, 245x5, 265x5, 285x3
    Incline DB Press: 95x8, 100x6
    OH DB Press: 65x12, 70x10, 75x8
    Eagle Pec Fly(machine): 115x12, 10, 10
    ^^ superset vv
    Eagle Rear Delt Fly(same machine)115x15, 15, 12

    Good session, I was focused and driven throughout. Lasted about 50 min. No big changes, mood was good today and libido was average.

  3. Day 2 & 3
    Day 2:
    Workout: Judo for 2.5 hrs. My endurance was average, not much to write about. The AD isn't hindering my performance, which is great.

    Day 3:
    (w)= wide grip; (n)= narrowgrip; (h)= hammer grip
    Cable Pulldown:160x15(n), 170x12(n), 180x10(n), 170x12(w), 180x10(w)
    Bent Over BB Row: 225x10, 225x10, 135x8, 245x6
    Deadlift: 135x8, 225x8, 275x8 //first time in a while, went light
    Standing BB curl: 90x8(w), 90x9(h), 90x5(w), 90x6(h)
    Smith Bar Shrug: 270x8 <-(ss)-> 180x15 //hands were sweaty

    I was half asleep in class before lifting but took 1 scoop JP8 and 1 scoop Blast to the dome and had good intensity and was focused throughout my workout. Felt good.

  4. Day 5
    Back Squat: 225x5, 275x5, 285x5, 295x5, 315x4
    Front Squat: 205x8
    SB Lunge: 40x8 (ass started cramping)
    Calf Extension: 310x15(w), 12(n), 12(w), 12(n)
    Sitting Leg Curl: 120x10, 10, 8
    Narrow Grip BB Bench: 135x12, 155x12, 175x10, 185x9, 195x7
    Abs: 3 sets misc.

    Was a sweaty-ass workout, was a little stronger than last week. Mood was very good today. Libido has been mildly raised the last 2 days. Today and tomorrow are my carb up days.

  5. Day 8
    BB Bench: wu, 225x5, 245x5, 265x5, 275x4, 285x4
    Decline BB Bench: 235x8, 245x8
    Incline DB Bench: 95x7
    OH DB Press: 60x12, 65x10, 70x8, 75x7
    DB Lateral Raise: 20x12, 20x12, 20x10
    DB Skull Crusher: 50x20, 60x15
    Ab Work: 3 sets misc.

    I bumped dosage of testofen to ~1.9g ED on day 6, I was stronger during this workout and felt my endurance was slightly improved. Workout was an hour long. My libido has improved significantly since the 1 week mark. My mood has been very good and I seem to be getting to sleep easier.

  6. Day 9 & 10
    Day 9
    Judo: Not much difference in endurance, though it seems I was able to maintain my composure better at my vo2 max, that or I'm just getting better at utilizing efficient movement.

    Day 10
    BW wide grip pull-ups:12, 10, 10, 9
    BB Row(strict form): 225x8, 225x8, 235x8, 245x6
    Deadlift: 225x8, 275x8 (back fealing f'd)
    Standing BB Curl: 100x5(w), 80x10(n), 6(w), 6(n), 50x5/5/3
    BB Raise: 45x10, 65x10, 12, 10

    Today's w/o was so-so, had decent pumps in my lats (which has been hard for me to attain). For some reason my back felt janked after my 2nd set of deads, I think I need to work on my form or try rack deads, or sumos, idk.

  7. Day 12
    I went out of town for daughters b-day and got slammed with a couple midterms, so I will now catch up.

    DB Lunge: 50x8, 8, 8
    Leg ext: 250x12, 10, 10
    Laying Leg curl: 120x12, 130x8, 8
    Calf ext: 310x15 (w), 12 (n), 12 (w)
    Narrow grip Bench: 135x10, 185x10, 205x10, 8
    Machine lateral raise: 110x10, 8
    abs: misc

  8. Day 16
    DB Bench: 80x10, 100x10, 105x8, 8
    Inc DB Press: 90x8, 8
    OH DB Press: 60x12, 65x10, 70x10
    Machine lateral raise: 110x8, 90x10
    abs: misc

  9. Day 19
    Back Squat: 225x10, 275x8, 295x6, 7
    Laying leg curl: 120x12, 130x10
    Leg ext:230x12, 230x10 (legs were hammered)
    Calf ext: 310x15 (w), 12 (n), 12 (w)
    Hammer Strength Lat pulldwn: 180x15, 200x12, 12 (great lat activation/pump)
    BB vertical pull:65x15, 12, 12
    Standing BB curl: 80x6 (w), 8 (n)
    abs: misc
    back ext: body+45x20

    Lots of volume today, it was my depletion workout (AD). Libido is still elevated, seems like I'm slightly more on edge that normal. Haven't noticed any drying of my joints.

  10. Day 21
    BB Bench Press: wu, 225x8, 245x5, 265x3, 285x4, 295x2
    DB inc. Bench: 95x10, 100x7 (to failure)
    OH BB Press: 115x12, 125x12, 135x12, 145x10
    BB Pull-to-Chin (?): 65x12, 75x12, 85x12
    DB Skull Crusher: 60x15, 70x12, 70x10

    Good w/o, felt strong on bench, my last two reps went up pretty smooth. This was the first time in a long time I've done BB OH Press, so I had to test the waters. I did get a nice delt pump and I think I will utilize this more.

  11. Day 23
    Hammer Strength Pulldown: 270x12, 12, 290x10, 10
    Bent Over BB Row: 225x8, 8, 235x7, 7
    Stand. BB Curl (hammer bar): 90x12(w), 100x8(n), 90x6(w), 7(n), 50x5/5/1
    Magnum Shrug: 360x12, 12, 10 (slow and hold, no straps/hard to grip)
    mat ab work: 3 sets misc.
    Back ext.: body+45x15, 15 (back is still feeling a little jankie)

    Have a cold so workout was affected, took it easier and didn't feel great. Libido still elevated but not as much, prob. due the the cold.

  12. Day 25
    Back Squat: 225x8, 275x5, 295x5, 305x4, 1
    DB Lunge: 45x8, 8
    Leg Curl: 120x12, 130x10
    Calf Ext: 310x15(w), 310x12(n), 310x11(w)
    CG Bench: 135x10, 185x10, 205x8, 215x8
    Mat Ab Work: 3 sets misc.
    Back Ext: body+45x20x2

    Still sick, feeling a little better though. My concentration was broken when doing squats as my boxers tore and made for some sh**ty sets. Libido strong this day and throughout weekend.

  13. Wrap Up

    Not sold on AI effects of GSE, didn't experience any joint dryness, but I didn't play with dose much and it could just be very mild/weak AI at this dose(600mg), and I supplement glucos./chond., so the jury's still out. Its still a potent anti-ox so I'm happy to have lots of it.

    I enjoyed the testofen(fenugreek extract). It elevated libido and seemed to mildly improve my mood. Now that I reflect, I had a little more aggression the past few weeks as well.

    I made improvements in my body comp., abs are sightly more visible, I believe the AD has helped tremendously regarding this (although my carb-up days have been less than clean). I was unable to make it to Judo for the last 2 weeks, so that sucks.

    Strength has been preserved and improved on a few exercises, save for my last couple workouts, which I was sick. I was also pretty stressed during my third and fourth week because of midterms, so I'm sure I had some elevated cortisol.

  14. hey man this was great, i was planing on something similar with testofen

  15. Nice log!
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  16. Thanks guys.


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