Reversitol and toremifene

  1. Reversitol and toremifene

    I say backlog because I started this about 5 weeks ago and figured after searching this and other forums for info I should provide my own.

    My history: I ran andro,back when it was dione, and back when muscletech made some combo product. It was basically worthless and all I noticed was that my nipples itched,nothing more. No PCT. I was 20 then.bold

    Next cycle I ran was 4-ad, the diol test precursor. (God i wish I new what PCT was at that point) I literally went from 195 lbs maybe 12% BF to 220 lbs 14%BF in 6 weeks. I immediately went on a cut after the cycle because of a beach trip and dropped back to 195 in 30 days but looked NOTICEABLY different. I was probably back to like 10% BF at 195. Cut and defined. But eventually reverted back to my 195 12% BF.

    Anyway, I have researched all the PH/DS lately, and i purchased a lot of I force bold, some pheraflex, and some tren(the dienedrone from ams and btw let me know if that is bs anyone pls!). The reason I did so was after searching the logs on this site and Anabolic Minds (AM). I found these products to have a good price/sides/effect ratio, and I noticed they are banned OTC soon.

    After researching PCT, I knew that I force reversitol would be my OTC PCT of choice and toremifene would be my SERM of choice (backup). So I decided why not run a cycle of the two together!?!?!?

    I had experimented enough with actual PHs so I though I would see what a PCT would do to me:
    This is what I ran

    Days 1-20: I force reversitol 2 caps; Toremifene 60mg
    Days 21-34: I force reversitol 1 cap: Toremifene 30mg
    Days 35-40: Toremifene 30mg ed; I force reversitol 1 cap eod

    I had been running a joint product by BCS including Cissus which ended a week into the cycle. I liked the effect so I included Primaforce Cissus when that ran out. Ran that for 30 days and just ran out a few days ago. Anyway, heres the actual info from the cycle:

    Week 1: Nothing. Weight 198LBs
    Week 2: Minor gain in strength. A Little more joint tightness. 204LBs
    Week 3: More Aggression. I really didnt seem to care about hurting anyone's feelings( Im normally a sensitive guy). Perhaps the most noticeable thing was that my joints HURT!(even with the primaforce Cissus) towards the end of the week. I felt like I had arthritis ( the combined effect of an AI, bromo, and a SERM CRUSHING my estrogen levels). 207LBs
    Week 4: Aggression Stable. Joints Better (lower dose AI and SERM) 206LBs
    Week 5: Same aggression. Strength starting to go up. Noticeable weight increase (estrogen/water increase) 215LBs
    Week 6: I feel like im balancing out. roughly 214lbs. definitely stronger, no doubt. Im interested to see how my hormones balance out in the next few weeks.

    I ordered some DHEA and Diesel Test 2010 to run a couple weeks after I finish this. I hope to log that as I go.

    Any questions, comments, or advice are appreciated!

  2. BTW I ran this as a standalone.

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