ESSENTIALS-------mixed it with my WPI/gatorade powder post-workout. it assimilated without a doubt. and i got a good feeling having all that good stuff shuttled to my system. i mean, the usual WPI/gatorade/multivit is good, too. but all that creatine, BA (tingly), absorbency complex, and extra BCAA was nice. Made me feel good.

ESSENTIALS WITH PROTEIN- taste was good. I got no problem with it, but i think that many many people are loyal to their proteins. I, personally, am now a customer of All the Whey's isolate cinnamon bun, like the rest of you and I think that the protein is not necessary. See, some folks even use their proteins throughout the day, so they have it in abundance. This mixture is not necessary, but would be ULTRA convenient for someone who did not use it anytime except post-workout*.

OMEGA CAPS-----------not much I can say about these lil' suckers. Except that they are just that.....little. Which is good for us who don't like horse pills. One thing I can note is that the one day I used them, i did the "belch test." I belched after taking them. No rancid taste. I like that. And they've got an EXCELLENT profile on 'em.

STOKED-----------------well, i've been using this a few days; got four more days left. and it makes me get high-school type erections........what i mean is random erections. Sorry, TMI I imagine, but I just wanna be up front on it. Supplies good, natural energy and antioxidant power as well. Not bad there. I would definitely use this in some kind of "NHA stack" and/or incorporate it into a solid PCT regimen.

That's it, y'all! Thanks to AI and pembroke for the taste!