So i have received two samples of Anabolic Innovations Essentials. One was just essentials and the other was essentials plus protein.

While I wasn't a fan of the protein flavor in the sample it still wasn't bad overall. I did notice a slight BA tingle and it did taste somewhat like drinking what a multi vitamin would be thought to taste like. Overall the sample was good. I'm not sure if i'm sold on the concept though. I understand the logic, but do I really want this all in one? Its not a full multi when compared to something like Pak, ADAM, etc..., so I would still feel i'm missing out. The other sample I put in my LG protein and it is better tasting in that, but again, a slight taste of multivitamin. I think this product will come down to pricing. I honestly get enough creatine the way it is now, plus BA is in almost everything buy anymore. I think I would prefer to just see a good tasting joint complex/full multi in a powder form and eliminate the CM and BA.