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  1. Flossy's Mass Effx - Xtra Strength Log

    The good folks at AX have been so kind as to help me help myself with adding a little more beef for the coming Winter months by suppling a bottle of the new Maximuim Strength MASSFX
    (And as promissed, at least on their site, I will leave out any "side stories' that are unrelated. As for you folks here at AM, I make NO such promise)

    This will be a light bulk for me, as I already have concerns about being "idle" most the day.
    I started a new job not too long ago and spend most of the time taking calls on my buttissimo, more so then my last job, where I prety much wandered around half the time anyways.
    This job is also a little closer to my house then my last, (about 7 blocks) so my ride time in on my bike is 10 min as opposed to 15. Not much of a difference but it adds up. 5 min one way x2= 10min a day x7= 70min weekly, x 52...you get the idea.

    As a result, I feel as if my stamina is shot to hell, strength is down.. everything is down. Well, most everthing

    What I NEED is to get my conditioning up to where I can crank out 10-15 good cardio before workouts and still have the energy to complete my routines (the ones I'm used to doing) which, sad to say, are more then I'm doing now.

    As far as diet goes, I personally don't count calories, I just eat more or less of the same. For this log, I will basicly give an accurate discription of what I eat, along with provide recipies in the section here for what I eat (and perhaps inspire some new or old ideas for ya'll)

    The write-up for mass FC Maximum Strength can be found here: MassFX Maximum Strength


    Get my conditioning up
    -Get my rep range back up to at least 8 for 2 sets on all major movements (bench and squat mostly)

    Put on a measureable amount of mass
    -I will be happy with an increase of 2lbs overall but would like to end at 188lbs (assuming I am still 186lbs; I will have to weigh myself when I get home)

    As an addition, I got a sweet new scale that reads body weight, fat mass, bone density, and water weight

    Generally I lift Sun-Thursday. I find I usually do not end up going to the gym on Fridays.
    I will stick to a 8 rep target scheme; more on this later, as I hope to able to put together a type of graphical progression here on this first post

    Starting Stats (pics and measurements will be up 10/8 ~4pm)

    weight: 179lbs
    Week1: 180.2

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  2. It's funny how perception changes things; The last pic taken from above looks SOOO much better.
    The others... not so much
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  3. In.

    Will you be posting before/after shots?

  4. I will. At the moment, I am at work.
    and no, I'm not PM'ing any more private pics!!

  5. Day 2

    Starting my first entry with much frustration, as it becomes blaintly apparent to me just how pethetic things have become Now that I think back, I beleive the root of all this evil is one of/or two things:

    I tried to use the approach of "less is more", where I decreased my volumn in attempts to gain

    My diet must be thrown way the hell off working this new job. I eat plenty after working out, however, I get up at 5:30, eat breakfast and then don't eat until 12. I have been going lower carb seeing as I am forced to sit on my duff until 3:30 every day. The bike ride home seems harder then it should be, and my "bad days" at the gym out number the good.

    Probably both of these are at fault

    So with that I post my numbers..

    (uased the press as I have a habbit of breaking the Smith machine at my gym,.. second time now)
    Numbers are in 45lb plates; total
    8 plates x 12
    10 plates x 12
    12 plates x 10
    12plats +50lbs x 5
    5 plates x 8


    110 x 12
    110 x 9
    110 x 7

    Yep- thats all I could do for my wheels...

    185 x 8
    225 x 8
    225 x 6
    225 x 4

    Cbl cross-overs
    50 x 15
    60 x 8
    60 x 8

    Notice how quick I loose steem with this...
    Only maybe 7-8 weeks ago I was pressing 275 x 5 after my set of 225 x 12, for reference.

    Overall, I had a GREAT feeling after I doesed before lifting! I got a real nice pump, I could actually feel like I was on. Hopefully this will last.

    Aggression was up, although I jsut did not have the stamina to keep up with it

  6. Pics up

  7. Ya, man. Angles and lighting are HUUUGE factors.

  8. I can't put it on the XS-MASSFX juuust yet, but last night's workout was one of the better ones I have had in a loooong time!
    While the numbers were not as impressive as Id like, I felt freakn GREAT afterwards and during.:bruce2:


    Seated row
    180 x 8
    230 x 9
    250 x 7
    250 x 5
    180 x 8

    Lat. pull dwn
    105 x 12
    115 x 8
    115 x 6
    95 x 8

    Yeah, until they get a freakn bent over T-bar machine I will be happy...
    Anyways, I was fatigued when I moved to my second excercise, thus the low numbers. There is also a HUGE difference between the weights I can use on the cable pull down and the machine equivalent. For the machine, I'm usinf 3 plates on each side, or 270, yet on the cable , not so much.
    Anyways, next tome I will switch it up, and watch what happens.

    Recovery was quick. I could feel my cns was taxed, yet muscular I'm not so bad off. This makes me wonder about the the 11-alpha that was put in, and it's potential.

  9. good stuff so far. ive been having awesome workouts with it so far too.

  10. Ok, quick update..

    Riding home after work today seemed much more easy then normal. I believe this to be due to the increased nitrogen retention from the MASSFX. Normally it isquite rough, and I did not have a lot to eat for lunch today (I had some lamb leg, which turned out to be more fat then I thought, so There was less meat.)
    Anyways, I did some working out during the weekend, but nothing major,.. some traps, calves, biceps... just some housecleaning before the week so to speak.

    I will update here in a a few hours as to how tonights workout goes,.. And will have last weeks workout to compare it to.

  11. Had a GREAT workout !
    Everything is up. Felt great after working out which is a nice change.


    185 x 8
    225 x 9 (+!)
    225 x 8 (+2)
    245 x 6 (+20lbs and +2reps)


    180 x 10
    180 x 8
    180 x 6

    TRICEPS (db)
    70 x 12
    70 x 9
    70x 7
    55 x 10


  12. Irish,.. my numbers suck monkey dong But thanks
    ..thankfully, they are getting better:

    I don't really notice any effects, as in aggression, zits or other effects at the moment (as in today), buttttttttttt...

    SQUATS: (smith machine)

    180 x 12
    270 x 8
    270 x 8
    320 x 5
    320 x 4
    270 x 6

    Wasn't feeling a indestructible as I have here recently. I hope this changes after tomorrow, as Im sure I'll need a day off. If anything I'll do biceps and forearms or something. We shall see.
    I know it's going to be rough as hell come 6am on the ride into work.

    Weigh in coming Friday..

  13. Had a light day today; 10 min cardio, Biceps and calves.


    2.5 plates x 15
    3 plates x 14
    3 plates x 12
    4 plates x 11
    3 plates x 8

    alternating db

    35 x 10
    40 x 8
    45 x 7
    45 x 6
    50 x 6
    55 x 5

    Threw in a few shoulder exercises, lateral raises. 35, 40, 40, 30 all for 10 reps

    tomorrow I hit back, traps and forearms. Usually a wickedly tiring session, least for me.

  14. oh I'm going to be rough tomarrow- back days fry my cns.
    Anyways; here we go!

    Warmewd up with some cable pull downs. 2 sets 100lbs x 15
    Was feeling a little drained today...

    Machine Lat pulls
    180 x 12
    230 x 10
    270 x 8
    270 x 6 +2 singles
    270 x 4

    Rows (on smith)
    110 x 12
    140 x 10
    140 x 10
    140 x 8
    110 x 10
    110 x 8
    110 x 8
    110 x 6

    Now you may say "Flossy, those are more reps then everything else" ..well, that can be explained by this just adorable lil russian woman with a petit frame and huge ass tata's who decided to do one leg'd deadlift like excercises.. lol, and she would loose her balance (understandable) and do these little hops to recover, making those natty baby feeders giggle within her srtuctured bra
    This was meose:

    minus the actual camera. though you bet in my mind I took mental pictures..

    I see her now and then, she lives right accross the gym. No one talkes to her suprizingly. I have once or twoice. Anyways, after having this forced into my brain (and doing sets upon sets) I just might have to cause a little "log drama" in here...
    I've always had a "rule" against picking up women in the gym (although it's from the days I wasn't picking any women up anyways... I've stuck to it.)

    I might just have to persue this further

  15. Friday weigh in:

    up +1.2 lbs

    This should be more then just a slight fluctuation, as I usually weigh slightly less at the end of the week then at the beginning

  16. Monday:

    Nice numbers to report

    185 x 8
    225 x 9
    245 x 7 (up one rep from last workout & +20lbs from base)
    245 x 7 (New weight for this set)

    Last workout, I only did one set 245, for 6 reps. This time, I did 2 sets, both with more reps- nice)

    MAchine Fly's

    60lbs x 15, 12, 10

    Tricepts db
    70 x 12
    75 x 10 (up 5lbs & 1 rep)
    75 x 8 (up 5lbs and 1 rep)
    75 x 6

    I'm not noticing any negative side effects, so this is good. I miss the pump I got when I first began, but apparently I don't have to feel it working for it to BE working..

  17. Something was with me last night- I was just in the best mood.
    By the time I got to squats, I may have lost a little luster, although I was still better then most days. I'm generally feeling more "full" then I do normally, so I think the FX is realy kicking in.
    I can't wait till Friday to do another weigh-in


    180 x 12
    230 x 8
    270 x 8
    320 x 4
    320 x 4
    320 x 3

    Shoulders bd Lat-raise

    35 x 10
    40 x 10
    45 x 10
    50 x 10
    50 x 10

  18. Thought I would mention that while it doesn't feel like I am taking anything, I have not been sore one day the whole week!! ..And I work out in the evening, and am pretty much good in the morning Soooo sweet. Hopefully Ive got some weight to show for it tomarrow

  19. Ok- long story short, girls Mom ,2nd back surgery in a few months, followed by her catching mersa. Proceeded by her getting into a car accident a few days later. ..so things have been hectic with nurses and her staying at her Moms, getting my car fixed and walking her through filing insurance stuff because it was the other guy's fault.

    The GOOD news is It has not effected my log, only my posting of results. I'll go through my records and get em organized and post the relevant information.

  20. Sounds good.

  21. Ok, so I have about a wek left of my FX.. While I love the way this product works in general, Im having trouble findind a consistant grove- I'll make progress in one area, only to have a bad day (not feeling worn out, just performence-wise) some where else.. Actually, Its my shoulder. Theres a little area on my left shoulder that has been bothersome for over 6 months now! ITs really pissing me off.

    Tonights numbers are perfect example.

    Warm up: Dips
    15, 15, 15


    185 x 10
    225 x 8
    245 x 6
    245 x 5

    My shoulder was just hurting too much, so I switched to machine press...
    180 x 8
    140 x 8
    140 x 8

    TRICEPTS\ db
    70 x 12, 10, 8, 8

    Threw in a few sets of seated rows to help shaping :P

    What I really like now is the feeling that I can go longer in the gym.
    I might have to change up my routine for the last week and go with frequency over weights, as I feel I can go that easier. I have found I can add more leg volume for sure, which is nice.

    Recovery has definitely picked up! I don't want to end so soon, as I don't put on the beef like I once did, and this would be great for me over 8 weeks. I again, as in the last run, might have to extend this.
    I think I have a good 3-4 lbs I can put on my legs alone running this with this recovery I'm having.

    I havent noticed any real leaning out,.. but I have been trying damn hard to feed myself, and If I throw in moderate cardio I feel it the next workout.

  22. A lot of the newer products out these days seem to offer some great benefits in the field of recovery and endurance. It's definitely a nice thing to have on your side. Glad to see it's helping you out a little in this area.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    A lot of the newer products out these days seem to offer some great benefits in the field of recovery and endurance. It's definitely a nice thing to have on your side. Glad to see it's helping you out a little in this area.
    lol- Im sure I'll feel a bit "left out" when I finally check all the other logs for this..

    186 can't be my limit-

  24. As it happened last time, seems to kick in for me a little later then most others.
    What it is that is more noticeable is the recovery.

    And with that, Here is an update

    Been doing some leg press every other day, tring to up the volume.
    I'll do 4 sets every time, one warm up set.
    5 plates x 10, 10, 10, 10
    Followed by an extreamly slow negative (about 30 seconds)

    6 plates x 10, 10, 10, 10
    Followed by 30sec negative. And then partial reps at the bottom.

    Friday, I plan on adding some to that. I really think I need to go about it a few times a week at this type volume, rather then squatting in the 320 range. I just notice my legs and but are fuller more then the other way around, and It doesn't kill me. I am hoping this is productive for me and not an excuse not to go ballz to the wall ..

    Anyways, I have adopted the same training for my back.

    It took me a few days to figure out how to stack this into everything else and have to humanly possible without some serious cns burnout.

    Libido is still up- higher then normal?..., hard to say. But it's always just plain hard.

    Endurance appears to be up, but I don't know if it's from not going so heavy on some things and going higher rep. In any event, I'm liking it.

    Anyways, I took my dose a little bit ago and I'm ready to pound a few things out, some of which is in the gym
    I'll get back here in a little

    Fridays weigh in; 181.6
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