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    Today I started my 7 day regimen of STOKED! by Anabolic Innovations.
    2 caps @ 9 AM with my morning Essentials+Protein.
    Went down like a charm, started to get a little more energized and focused after about an hour..
    Maybe it was just the morning coffee, but i doubt it, coffee never does anything to me...

    1230: gym time, lower pull

    went with a standard monday workout for me, all lower body pulling exercises (4 day upper/lower pull/push split to keep muscle while on my cut)
    i have to say, i had a great pump post workout, and the alpha male feeling was there from deadlift number 1!!!

    my PM serving is coming up in about 20..

    oh and sex drive, (not that it needs help) but i cant get sex off my mind!!!

    ill update daily and let you all know what its like at the end

    about 16% bodyfat

    next monday i will come up with my final stats, and i will update those daily if there are any changes!!!
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  2. DAY 2
    OK so today's workout
    DB Flat BENCH 40x6x3 (I had to stop myself from doing more)
    Pec Deck (80x6x3 (i was THROWING the pads together in the middle..****)
    DB Decline Bench 35x6x3 - my former most hated lift, and damn, i was practically THROWING the DB's!!
    Straight Bar Cable Push Down 110x6x3
    Incline Bench 40x6x3.. what a breeze
    OH DB Raise 45x6x3
    DB Military press 40x6x3 - usually these are a killer, NOT TODAY!!!

    AWESOME PUMP post and during workout, i jsut wanted to keep going and going and going...
    AHHHHHHHH i love it

    i really did rip one of the buttons off my dress shirt after my shower.. and it felt pretty damn tight the rest of the day... god..

    ok, so i hit the pm serving aobut 12 hours after the am sreving and i still feel great.. cant wait for tomorrow.. cardio day..


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