Over the weekend I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Essentials+Protein Mix from Anabolic Innovations , BTW this is my first hack at creatine, so i am ging into this a little weary...

First up, i got to take a shot at their Essentials+Protein, their new protein/ creatine/bcaa/joint health once a day mix. This stuff tasted pretty good, from the smell I was expecting something along the lines of tang, but I actually got something that tasted more like orange crystal light..

as for how it mixed.. personally i thought it was a bit foamy, but whatever, it was a pretty solid tasting protein, and did not clump on me at all (THANK GOD)

i dont know the breakdown of the essentails product, but i can tell you the protein they mixed with was 25g protein at only 120 carbs, and for the dude on a constant cut like me, this is awesome!!!

personally, idk if creatine is for me.. but who knows, i am open to suggestions, so things could change, you never know