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  1. Ugab's Sponsored MassFx Hulker Bulker

    Age: 25
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 226
    Bf%: 14.6

    Current training routine: I train for MMA about 5 times per week. My training style changes a lot. I train off of instinct mostly. Im very aware of how my body reacts to different styles. I've done DC, HIT, High-Volume and currently, its a mix of high intensity and high volume. I wont be listing my planned workouts as they change so frequently, but I will be listing each workout I have and feelings on each exercise.


    Training Days
    9AM: 10liquid whites, 1scoop WPI, 2 cups water, 1 cup slow oats
    10:50AM: (Preworkout) 1.5scoops WPI, 1scoop Musclemilk, 2cups water
    11AM-130PM: drinking 1gallon of water with 3scoops of XTEND(if its alright to keep that in this included)
    1:45PM: (Postworkout) 2scoops WMS(80gs), 2scoopsWPI, 2cups water, 15gs of BCAAs
    4PM: 10oz grilled chicken(chopped in tiny pieces), .5cup blackbeans, 1 cup of wholewheat pasta, low sugar pasta sauce(I throw all of it in a bowl, mash it up, and enjoy)
    6PM: 1/2lb 93/7 lean beef
    8PM: 10oz grilled chicken(or flanksteak), handful of lowsalt cashews(or 2 scoops WPI w/water)
    10PM: 3scoops MuscleMilk, 2 servings (10gsFiber) Pysilliumseedhusks, 2cups of Carbcountdown FF Dairy Beverage

    Nontraining Days
    9AM: 10liquid whites, 1scoop WPI, .5cup oats
    11AM: 12oz 93/7 ground beef, .5 cup wheat pasta
    2PM: 2scoops WPI, .5 cup oats with water
    4PM: 1/2lb 93/7 lean beef
    6PM: 2scoops WPI with water
    8PM: 10-16oz grilled tilapia or possibly salmon, handful of lowsalt cashews
    10PM: 3scoops MuscleMilk, 1 serving (5gsFiber) Pysilliumseedhusks, 2cups of Carbcountdown FF Dairy Beverage

    Basically, I will be using a highcarb meal layout on workout days and a slightly lower layout on off days. Yes, Im bulking, but Im very carbsensitive and Im trying to ensure its a fairly lean bulk.

    800ius of VitE
    2000mg of Ester-C
    Wholefood Multi
    fruit/vegetable powder
    Xtend(3-5 servings per day)
    Life Support(just to keep the bp down)
    Osteobolin-C(joint support)
    ON's Gold Standard Whey Hydrolsolate(etc...)
    Bulk WMS
    Pysllium Seed Husks(Fiber)

    MassFx- 2 pre w/o, 1 cap afternoon, 1 around 6pm.

    Performance: Improve my power for MMA.
    Bodybuilding: This is the main goal. SIZE, SIZE, and more SIZE!!! Id like to see at least 245 by the end of this run.

    DAY 1-2
    workouts for bis/tris + back/shoulders to be posted later this afternoon. stay tuned....


  2. Thanks sinner!

    DAYS 1/2

    Incline Dumbell Curls- 30sx20, 40sx12, 45sx12, drop of 45sx4, 40sx6, 35sx8, 30sx10, 25sx12, 20sx16, 15x30
    1 Arm Spider Curls- 3 sets of 20 w/30's w/partials til failure w/no rest other than when alternating arms.
    Crossbody Hammer Curls- 3 sets of 20 w/50s
    Lying Facedown on Incline Dumbell Curls- 3 sets of 20 w/30s
    Lying Reverse Cable Curls- 1 set of 100 w/rest-pause

    Incline Dumbell Tricep Extensions- 50x20, 85x20, 120x24, 50x101 (luv the hi-rep finishers)
    Lying Dumbell Extensions(basically db brainbusters)- 30sx30, drop til failure on each of 40s/30s/25s/20s
    Supersets of CableBrainbusters/Cable Kickbacks- 3 sets of 12/20

    (DAY 2)
    One Arm Db Rows- 100x20, 120x32, 120x27 (I workout primarily in a shed and this is one of 4 ex's that I've never stopped doing for any period of time. The 120's are the biggest we have, but I have got sets of 20 w/150s before when visiting the local Golds)
    GiantSets of WidePulldowns Front/Back/St8ArmPulls/MachineRows- 2 sets of 12/15/20/8
    Superset of Machine Front/Back Pulldowns- 2 sets of reps: 10/30 and 10/60 w/rest-pause (this one just about had my back exploding)

    Dumbell Shoulder Press- 50sx20, 65sx20, 85sx12, 85sx11
    Incline Seated Front DB Raise (using 1 adjustable DB holding it with hands over grip)- 2 sets each at different inclines of 20 reps
    Side Lateral Pumps- 3 sets til failure w/50s
    Cable Lateral Raise- 3 sets of 15
    Standing Cable BehindtheNeck Bar Military Press- (this is one of those that I just stumbled on since the little gym that I go to has no type of shoulder press at all)- 2 pump sets of 20/20
    Rope Cable Front Raises- 2 sets of 15

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, obviously, that was only day 1 and 2, so I havent seen anything yet. My workouts and diet have been steady for a good while now, so with my slight increase in cals and the addition of MassFxMaxStrength, I should be able to bulk just fine. Also, Im really looking forward to getting my strength up which Im sure MassFx is gonna help with. Ok, lets see, my next workout will probably be 2 days from now, so look for an update on Thursday.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Nice workouts man.

    Incline DB Curls and Cross-body hammer curls are a good ones for putting mass on your biceps.

    I like the giant set on your back workout. Keep up the intensity.
    Thanks man, Ill do it

    Sorry for the lack of updates, but Im still here. I've worked right at 50 hours over the last 3 days, so Im bout dead, but Im headed to da gym now, so I'll post a workout later tonight or 2moro...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    It's all good. You don't need to apologize, unless I show up at your front door with a sawed-off 10-guage and ask why you're not posting.
    Well, if ya show up outside my house, my house will quickly become vacant. I dont have a gun and I just recently lost my superhero ability to take multiple gunshot wounds and keep living, so I will definately be using the gtfOUT!! technique. Anyways man, heres the latest:

    DAYS 3-7
    off days due to work

    DAY 8

    Incline Dumbell Press- 50sx20, 85sx20, 100sx15, 100sx15(working my way back into heavy DB pressing....)
    Trisets of HighIncline/LowIncline/FlatFlyes- 2 sets with 40s x 15/15/15 and 1 set w/50s x 12/12/14
    Cross Bench Dumbell Pullovers- 3 sets of 15 w/85
    End2End Very High Incline Flye(arms str8)- 3 sets of 25 w/20s
    Incline Machine Press(this is a garbage piece of equipment, at least at my gym, but I like variety, so I'll use it on occasion)- 3 drop sets of reps 10/20/30
    Deadlifts- 135x20, 185x10, 225x10, 315x6, start of long drop set of 405x5, 315x15, 225x20, 135x53 (basically, I use a ton of different intensity techniques which enables me to still have effective workouts and some sleep when my schedule gets crazy busy)
    Giantsets of LegExtensions/LegPress/LegCurl/CalfRaises- 3 sets of reps 12/8/8/20

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Well, my endurance seems to be a little better. Its still very early, but as for side notes, my libido is UP, and I feel a little more agressive as well. I'll be able to gauge the strength aspect here over the next 2 workouts, since I have 2 full days off with some extra cal's planned and sleep as well. Also, my pump on legs was off the charts. Its always pretty good when I do that type of workout, but it was definately more pronounced.

    DAYS 9/10
    off days

    DAYS 11/12
    Arms on #11 and Shoulders/Back on #12
    update coming soon...

  5. DAY 11


    Wide Grip EZ Bar Curls- warmup 65x20, 85x15, long drop set of 105x10, 85x20, 65x30, 55x40, 45x50reps
    Lying Facedown Incline DB Curls- 3 sets of 20 w/30s with only rest coming during partners set.
    Incline DB Curls- 40sx15, 45sx12, drop of 40sx10, 30sx20, 20sx30, 15sx40 (I love both this ex and this rep scheme for it, killer pumps!)
    Crossbody DB Curls- 65sx15, 65sx15, 40sx30

    Ok, basically, sometimes if Im in a hurry or maybe just for the heck of it, I'll pick one exercise only and just do whatever crazy scheme I come up with, but it will always have me goin to failure at least 4 times with max rest being 20 seconds. Here's how I did it today....
    Incline Dumbell Tricep Extensions- 65x87reps, 120x23reps, 100x32reps, 50x107 (that last set honestly hurt about as bad as a non injury set of arms can possibly hurt. I love that sh*t!!!!!!!!)

    Overall Impressions So Far
    Wow! The male agression and feeling of dominance or whatever has definately kicked in. I just feel so motivated and confident when I step in front of the rack. I stand there with my head down, preparing for war, and then I just tear through the set. My strength has been elevated very nicely and with the years of training I've had, that's very rare with any non ph/gear type of product. Pumps, again, were a little elevated over the normal level. My stamina seemed to be better today as well. My weight is up to 232 which is 6lbs. Thats also the morning fasted weight, so I know most of it is here to stay. My waist has not went up at all. I could ramble on for 2 pages about every little detail, but here's the main attributes so far: IM SLIGHTLY BIGGER AND I JUST HAVE A HARDER LOOK(more vascularity). ALSO, MY LIBIDO IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!!! I DONT CARE WHAT ANYBODY SAYS ABOUT MASSFX, IT DOES WORK ON LIBIDO AND I WOULD BUY ANOTHER BOTTLE RIGHT NOW, EVEN IF DID NOTHING ELSE AT ALL FOR MUSCLEBUILDING. MAYBE ITS JUST ME, BUT ITS HITTING MY SWEET SPOT AND MAKING ME WANNA HIT MY GIRLS SWEET SPOT

    DAY 12
    my next workout will be back and shoulders, but Im not sure it will probably end up being day 13. Either way, Ill update then.

    PS: I also have my pics downloaded, so I will post before and after pics at the conclusion of the log.

  6. The libido effects are pretty crazy, huh?

    Just be careful. I had a friend that I put on MassFX and Hyperdrol over the summer. Libido and stamina were insane for him, and he started ____ his gf upwards of 5x per day. Needless to say, when he stopped massfx, his "boys" couldn't keep up with the momentum, and crapped out. Just remember, if you run out of fingers, it's time to stop and let the "batteries" recharge.

  7. DAYS 13-17
    off days

  8. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    The libido effects are pretty crazy, huh?

    Just be careful. I had a friend that I put on MassFX and Hyperdrol over the summer. Libido and stamina were insane for him, and he started ____ his gf upwards of 5x per day. Needless to say, when he stopped massfx, his "boys" couldn't keep up with the momentum, and crapped out. Just remember, if you run out of fingers, it's time to stop and let the "batteries" recharge.
    HOLY SH**!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, speak of the devil... Here's why I havent had any updates-

    My new 19 year old girlfriend who I've been dating for exactly 40 days is now pregnant. I can only attribute this to my insane libido boost which was caused by MassFx. I have recorded every workout with various other notes, but with all this chaos, Im just getting back online to post em. I am planning on a nice lawsuit against you guys, so if you just want to hook me up with 10 bottles of hypX2 (which I also logged for you guys), massFX, AdvancedPCT, LeanFx, Axcite, stimulantX(logged the orignal way back in the day as well), and every other product you make, then Ill call it even and drop the charges

    DAY 18
    Trisets of DumbellShoulderPress/ Plate Raises/ Lateral Pumps- 3 sets of 10/15/failure
    Trisets of Cable Front/Lateral/Bent Lateral Raises- 3 trisets done with no rest in a drop set fashion- reps were 10/10/10, 15/15/15, 15/12/11(all I could handle on even a tiny weight after all those dang reps)
    Supersets of Front/Back Machine Shrugs- 3 sets of 10/10 with 3 sec hold at top.
    One Arm Db Rows- 100x15(warmup), 120x36(I almost always just do one working set til failure on these)
    Giantsets of FrontPulls/BackPulls/1armCrossbodyCableRows/ Str8ArmPulldowns- 3 sets of 10/10/8/15

    Overall Impressions So Far
    The workout was amazing in regards to both pumps and endurance. Im really feeling the agression in the gym. Its similar to my first few workouts on RPM(not trying to pimp it, but its an honest statement). My strength seems to still be going up to, because even with the insane speed of todays workout, I still didnt have to drop the weights on any of my ex's.

  9. DAYS 19-21
    No weighttraining, but I did my usual MMA training on 2 of the 3 days. Here's how that went. With my BJJ, I felt much stronger. Its almost like I had more of an explosion when trying reversals or escapes. With my cardio, I did fell a little better and I also seemed to be sweatin a ton more (not sure if thats just random or possibly an effect caused from Massfx). Normally when I train on back to back days, I'll be in some serious pain for the first half of the workout just trying to work that soreness out. However on my 2nd day, I felt pretty much fully recovered when I started. Maybe MassFx is helping with recovery....

  10. DAY 22

    Flat Bar Presses- 135x20, 185x20, 205x33 (thats pretty impressive for me seeing as how I have a fully torn left pec that's never been repaired and considering that I only do flat bar presses about once every 3 or 4 months). I was suprised at how light it felt.
    Triset of HiIncline/LoIncline/Flat Flyes- 2 sets of 8/8/12 w/50s and 1 set of 12/12/12 with 40s

    DAY 23-26
    Again, I missed out on my workouts, but I am in the process of dealing wtih somewhat of a crises. My diet was good thought and my libido is still very very very very ELEVATED.

    DAY 27

    One Arm DB Rows- run the rack with 120/100/85/65/50 using reps of 10/20/30/40/50 and I was forced to do a little rest/pause which I can attribute to the fact that it took about 8 minutes to complete.
    WidePulldowns- 3 drop sets of 20/30/40 just to shock em a little. Im really focusing on width now bcuz my thickness is pretty good.

    Crossbody Hammer DB Curls- 3 sets of 12 w/65's
    One Arm DB Spider Curls- 3 sets of 15
    Lying Facedown on an Incline DB curls (or you could call them Prone Incline Curls)- 2 sets til failure w/30s
    Cable Str8 Bar Curls- 2 sets of 20
    Lying Reverse Behind the head cable curls- 1 warmup, 1 rest/pause set of 101 reps
    Rope Curls- 3 sets of 20 (always trying to hit that Brach.)

    Overall Impressions So Far
    I felt great today. I decided to just throw in a Biceps/Back workout together since I'd had a little layoff and it worked great. I definatley have some new vascularity in my outer biceps and esp. in my lats. I've got about 3 veins that I havent even seen before. My weight is up 9lbs and Im actually looking more vascular. Off course, my spot-on diet is helping, but Im convinced that this new MassFx is doing its job and doing it well. So Far so good, even with my situation. Im actually in a really good mood too. Im excited to be a Dad and Im starting to really look at all this in a positive light. I guess getting back in the gym just took away a ton of built up anxiety. Thats off subject, but I thought I note it anyways.

    DAY 28-30(last day)

    Ok, I have to run, but I do have everything written down, so within the next week, Ill post my last 3 days, my final review, some pics and my finishing stats as well.



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