Roland-a-joint's MASS FX Log (sponsored)

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  1. Roland-a-joint's MASS FX Log (sponsored)

    Introducing MassFX. Three time award winning pro-anabolic, Mass FX, forged revolutionary gains in raw, animalistic power and lean muscle mass from just one bottle.

    It created plateau shattering workouts and amplified testosterone levels so high that it unleashed that “do anything, kick-ass, aggressive, strong, confident, dominant male leader of the pack” feeling that we call the “Alpha-Male” in everyone that used it.

    NOW this beast just got even BIGGER! MassFX Maximum Strength goes far beyond our first formula by generating even more animalist gains in lean mass and raw power, by providing complete anabolic amplification of testosterone, forcing accelerated rates of protein synthesis far beyond 25R-diol alone, providing pro-anabolic-adaptogenic support and by precisely modulating estrogen for optimal strength and mass gains, available now at NutraPlanet!

    Name: Roland
    Age: 20
    Weight: 176
    Height: 5'11''
    BF%: 10-11%

    Well, thank you to Anabolic Xtreme for this opprotunity. I've only read positive things about divanil and the rest of the ingredients in MASS FX and have had my eye on it since it was released. I've been on a cut / recomp since january 1st, and have lost about 25 pounds, mostly fat. However, in light of this being a MASS building product, i decided to end my quest for abs and start my first CLEAN bulk.

    I'll be in a bulk type diet, eating around 2900-3300 kcals per day. and heres the breakdown.
    Maintenance: 2625 kcals

    330 grams protein
    150 grams fat
    150 grams carbohydrates (50 with breakfast, 50 with pre w/o, 50 with post w/o)

    330 grams protein
    150 grams fat
    50 grams carbohydrates (50 with breakfast)

    I stick to chicken, lean ground beef, a steak now and then, turkey bacon, and eggs for protein. brown rice, whole wheat pasta, oats, whole wheat bread for carbohydrates. natural nut butters (almont, cashew, peanut), nuts, olive oil, fish oil, and egg yolks for fat.

    normally ill post my meals for the day.

    MASS FX (4 caps per day, either 1-2-1 dosing, or 2-2 dosing, depends on each day)
    Whey (ATW isolate)
    Fish Oil (usually 12-18 per day)
    Multivitamin (3 tabs per day)
    XTEND (4 scoops post w/o)
    WMS (50 grams post w/o)
    Osteo-Sport (4 caps pre-bed)

    my training is a little bit weird right now. due to shoulder complications, im not able to bench or shoulder press. chest workouts will be higher rep, and only flye movements, and some push ups. shoulder workouts will be front raises, side raises, and bent over laterals, maybe upright rows, and db and bb shrugs, also using a higher rep scheme.

    monday: chest + triceps
    tuesday: shoulders + calves
    wednesday: back + abs
    thursday: biceps + forearms
    friday: legs + calves

    strength - deadlift: current 315 x 2, post mass fx 315 x 8, 355 x 1
    strength - squats: current 185 x 8, post mass fx 185 x 10
    muscular endurance - push ups: current 22, post mass fx 30

    in regards to goals, im looking to add a decent amount of weight to all my lifts, whether deadlifts or seated calves. im also going to try and add about 3 or 4 lbs to my frame. if i am able to add more, awesome. but ill be happy with 3 or 4 lean pounds.

  2. first pic is about a week before starting mass fx.
    second pic is from last night, about 2 hours after my back session
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  3. Final Review!!

    I made some nice gains on all lifts. here are my numbers for the exercises i used as indicators.
    Pre: 315 x 2
    Post: 315 x 8, 355 x 1
    Comments: i couldnt be happier with this. i think i could probably hit 315 x 10, or 365 for a double. 315 x 8 was done this passed tuesday and it was at the end of my workout where my back and CNS were already pretty fatigued, and there is no doubt that probably robbed me of a couple reps.

    Pre: 185 x 8
    Post: 185 x 10
    Comments: only 2 reps, however the set of 10 was a much deeper, strict form squat, due to me working on my form over the passed month or so. so im extremely happy with just the two reps.

    Push-Ups (feet elevated, gripping dumbbells with a shoulder width grip)
    Pre: 22
    Post: 30
    Comments: definitely happy with this. especially with a bad shoulder. i wish i could have used a bb bench or db bench as the indicator, but, you know. just making the best out of what i got right now.

    Pre: 176-178 Bf: 10-11%
    Post: 193-194 Bf: 11-12%
    Comments: OMGZ I GAINED LIKE 20 POUNDS!! lol not really. i wish tho. most of the weight i contribute to water and glycogen from coming off of a 5 week CKD. i was also eating a lot more than i thought i would at the beginning of the log. started around 3300 cals a day, and lately ive been eating around 3600-4000 cals a day. which of course is good due to increase in weight. i also ate a lot more carbs than i had planned. ive been eating carbs with almost every meal. except later at night.

    and im pretty positive most of the weight gain was muscle, because i dont notice a whole lot of fat gain. a little bit on my lower back. mid section is still looking decent as youll see in the pictures. and everything is bigger. chest feels a bit bigger, delts started taking shape again from all the time off, arms have definitely grown, forearms seem bigger, calves and legs seem bigger, back feels bigger, but i cant really tell too much by pictures. tho i have gotten comments from a few friends now that i seem much bigger than when they last saw me. all my clothes fit tighter, including my boxers. most noticeable on shirts with my sleeves, and i can feel my lats filling out my shirt a little bit more now too.

    i noticed this mostly because of the higher volume i was using. i would expect to be dead sore after workouts like these, but i only had minor DOMS on a regular basis, and only sever DOMS a few times, mainly with traps and hamstrings, due to trying out new things. but even then, i really only experienced that with the first week or so.

    awesome. peaked around week 3, and then kinda went back down to normal about the end of week 3. not decreased, just normal. i wont comment any further on this

    mass fx is definitely awesome in terms of immediate results. in the gym i experienced more intense pumps, increased aggression, laser like focus, and just more drive and motivation, probably due to the fact that i had mass fx in my arsenal. also, while it was amazing at 4 caps a day, 2 being pre w/o, 6 was fanfuckingtastic! it was so noticeable just with the first day i tried it.

    i had a GREAT run with this. i couldnt be happier with the results, and i know for sure ill be trying this again. it did basically everything the bottle promises, and then some. i only had a few side effects. the forslean was messing with my stomach a little bit the first 5 or 6 days. my stomach adjusted, and i was fine. i also had a little bit of anxiety a couple times, like a nervousness. however it could have been from a subpar night of sleep, or ancy about something later in the day, or from a number of things, so i cant attribute it to mass fx directly.

    other than that, i feel like this was a pretty flawless mini bulk for me.

    some ideas i have for this with a future run: id like to run it for 6 weeks, 2 weeks at 4 caps ED, and 2 weeks at 6 caps ED, and 2 weeks at 8 caps ED. id also love to use a pre w/o product like RPM or Core Zap with this. or even add hyperdrol into the mix. i think it has a lot of potential for a recomp/cut as well, which will most likely be the goal i have when i use it again.

    and thats it. thank you to anabolic xtreme for giving me this opprotunity. thanks for everyone chiming in giving words of encouragement and support!

  4. I'm in, buddy! Knock 'em dead!!!

  5. you will love this!!!
  6. Day 1 - 10 / 06 / 2008


    D-handle cable flyes (weight listed is on each arm)
    40 x 15
    60 x 15
    80 x 12
    70 x 12
    one arm d-handle tricep pushdowns (a warm up exercise to get the blood flowin on those babies!)
    70 x 12
    70 x 12
    80 x 12
    80 x 12

    Push-Ups (feet elevated, shoulder width grip on dumbbells)
    22, 17, 16

    Low Cable Flyes
    25 x 20
    30 x 20
    35 x 15

    High Cable Crossovers (slow movements 1 second hold at peak contraction)
    30 x 15
    40 x 15
    40 x 12


    Rope Pushdowns
    100 x 12
    140 x 12
    200 x 10
    200 x 8
    160 x 10
    160 x 10

    Reverse Grip, EZ Bar Cable pushdowns
    100 x 12
    140 x 12
    180 x 10
    180 x 8

    BW x 12
    BW x 10
    BW x 9

    FYI, sketchy day for eating haha
    750 1 MASSFX
    820 5 eggs, 1 cups oats w/ brown sugar, a multi, 4 fish oil
    no food for 5 hours = bummer
    115pm 8 oz lean ground beef, about 50 grams of whole wheat pasta with 1 tbsp olive oil and parmesan cheese
    220pm 2 MASSFX
    245pm workout
    410pm post w/o shake = 50g whey, 50g WMS in water
    700pm italian dinner with the family = cheat meal, 6 fish oil, a multi
    1230am 4 osteo-sport, 1 MASSFX

    let me first shed some light on my diet for the day. mon, wed, fri i have 3 straight classes from 9am-1pm and only a 10 minute break in between, so i will definitely be having a shake in between with prolly some peanut butter or flax meal. also, fell asleep on my girlfriends couch around 1030 or so, and woke up around midnight, and drove home to take my nightly supps. so basically didnt eat the last 5 hours or so of being awake. not a good idea. oh well. diet will definitely be a lot better from here on out

    on the real tho, holy sh*t. im not quite sure if it was 3 day carb up over the weekend, or the mass fx working its magic, but i had the most epic pump after the workout. i literally couldnt believe what i saw. i was looking lean, dry, and fcukin huge. either way, awesome workout. shoulder had a little discomfort, but wasnt unbearable by any means. actually felt a lot better than i was expecting.

    also, im going to use the 22 push ups as an evaluation of upper body muscular endurance. keep in mind, this was only the 3rd structured chest workout ive had in about 3 months, so strength and endurance is definitely down. depressingly down. but im determined to bring it back up to the best of my ability.
  7. Day 2 - 10 / 07 / 2008


    Cable Upright Rows
    100 x 12
    120 x 12
    140 x 12
    200 x 10
    160 x 12
    120 x 12
    80 x 15

    Tri-Set Madness
    Incline (stomach down) DB Front Raises
    DB Shrugs
    DB Swings

    20's x 15 -- 100's x 15 -- 50 x 15
    20's x 15 -- 110's x 15 -- 50 x 15
    20's x 15 -- 110's x 12 -- 40 x 15

    Random DB Shrug Set For Sh*ts and Giggles
    120's x 10

    One Arm DB Side Laterals
    20 x 12
    25 x 12
    25 x 12

    One Arm Cable Reverse Flyes
    20 x 15
    40 x 12
    50 x 12
    35 x 15

    Bent Over DB Raises
    30's x 12
    30's x 12


    Seated Calf Raises
    2 plates x 20
    3 plates x 12
    4 plates x 12
    5 plates x 8
    4 plates x 12
    3 plates x 15
    2 plates x 15

    One Leg Standing DB Calf Raises (done on a raised box)
    40 x 12 (each leg)
    40 x 12
    40 x 10

    Seated Calf Extensions (seated, but legs are extended)
    140 x 15
    140 x 15
    140 x 12

    1115am 4 eggs, 4 slices turkey bacon, 1 cup oats with brown sugar, 1 cup skim milk, 4 fish oil, a multi
    1230pm 2 MASS FX
    130pm workout
    310pm post workout shake = 50g whey, 50g WMS in water
    430pm 8 oz chicken, about 50 grams whole wheat pasta with 1 tbsp olive oil and parmesan cheese, 4 fish oil, a multi
    650pm 2 chicken and green chili tamales, a couple spoonfuls organic peanut butter
    720pm 2 MASSFX
    940pm 2 scoops ATW w/ giant spoonful of organic PB in water
    1230am 4 caps osteo-sport

    diet was a lot better today. not even finished eating today, but i definitely got about 2 more meals in me, probably some whey and pb, and then some cottage cheese later on. its been a little bit of a challenge eating about 1000 more kcals than i have been for the past 10 months, so bare with me. in a couple days ill get the hang of having this extra food in my belly.

    had another epic workout today. i wanted to do a full blown traps workout, but i remembered im doing deads tmrw, so i decided to save em for tmrw so that i can perform to the best of my ability on deads.

    great pump today, shoulder felt good. ive recently started to really hammer my calves when i do them. and ive recently seen a lot of results in terms of mass and strength. shoulders, despite lack of activity with them, didnt feel too incredibly weak today. i felt i could have done more weight on all the exercises, but again, i decided to increase intensity with a few more reps and shorter rest time.

    again, im not sure if im getting these epic workouts because of mass fx, or just the carb up giving me that "food pump", but im liking it a lot. so far, im feeling pretty good. i think its too early to see anything really, but im keeping my eye open for signs that test levels are higher: ie acne, libido, mood, strength, etc.
    Last edited by rolandajoint; 10-08-2008 at 03:02 AM. Reason: meals updated

  8. I'm in buddy, good luck with this!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  9. Lookin' good, bro!!

  10. currently listening to:

    AFI - "Answer That And Stay Fashionable"

    Iron and Wine - "Woman King"

  11. Nice workouts so far.

    MassFX upregulates the enzymes used to produce nitric oxide. Needless to say, it makes for some wicked awesome pumps. Personally, think it's a better pump than any of the AAKG based NO-products.

    What are "Side Swings" as part of your triple set in your shoulder workout?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Nice workouts so far.

    MassFX upregulates the enzymes used to produce nitric oxide. Needless to say, it makes for some wicked awesome pumps. Personally, think it's a better pump than any of the AAKG based NO-products.

    What are "Side Swings" as part of your triple set in your shoulder workout?
    the DB swing is the same as a kettlebell swing. more of a power movement, working core, legs, shoulders, back. they say not to control the KB on the way down, but i do, putting some tension on the front dealts, making it a power-hypertrophy move.

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]
  13. Quick Update

    my weight was 181 just now. yesterday i was about 178.5.

    +2.5 lbs

    i attribute this to my glycogen levels probably getting back up to the full mark. ive been slowly putting a couple pounds on here or there since friday when my refeed began.

    however, i looked significantly leaner this morning. so good to know its not water weight. update tonight.

    back and abs today after class sometime.
    ill be doing my deadlift assessment today. im should for 315 at least once, maybe twice. 315x2 is my current max. but that was about 3 or 4 weeks ago. and ive had some decent progress with legs and rack deads over those 4 weeks, so hopefully that will translate into one or two more reps. plus the amazing workouts ive been having, i think 315x3 or 4 is definitely attainable today. here we go.....
  14. Day 3 - 10 / 08 / 08

    135 x 12
    185 x 12
    225 x 12
    275 x 6
    295 x 3
    315 x 2

    One Arm DB Rows
    70 x 10
    100 x 10
    110 x 10
    120 x 8

    EZ Bar Underhand Cable Row
    120 x 12
    150 x 12
    180 x 12
    210 x 10

    Decline Bench Sit-ups -superset- side bends
    BW x 40 -superset- 25 lb plate x 40 each side
    BW x 20 -superset- 25 lb plate x 20 each side
    BW x 20 followed by 10 second static hold

    650am 2 MASS FX
    730am 5 eggs, 1 cup oats with half scoop ATW isolate, 1 cup skim milk, a mutli, 4 fish oil
    1020am homemade protein bar containing oats, whey isolate, natty peanut butter, and skim milk
    115pm whole wheat pasta with 6oz tuna, marinera sauce, and 1 tbsp olive oil, a multi
    220pm 2 MASS FX
    245pm workout
    445pm 2.5 scoops ON Whey, 50g WMS in water

    fairly happy with my performance today. i was a little bit scared that i wouldnt be able to get 315 off the ground, but i did, and for a double. though im pretty sure i could have gotten one more out, i got a little worried about my back, and took too much time thinking, and lost momentum and only got 2. oh well. after not doing deads for 1 month due to a minor strain, im extremely pleased about being able to get a double out of it.

    rest of the workout went awesome. had a good momentum and an awesome pump the whole time. was even able to keep rest periods down to about 1 to 1.5 minutes, which i normally cant do.

    i also noticed a little bit of an anxious, uneasy feeling about an hour after i took the mass fx in the morning, and it lasted to my second class, but i think it was the forslean. ive had that feeling before and it was when i was using higher doses of drive. im sure in a couple days, my body will have adapted to the forslean and the feeling will be gone.

    other than that, i can say im loving the mass fx so far. definitely feeling a little more aggressive and focused come gym time. and the pumps, well theyve been epic 3 days in a row. so i LOVE that aspect of mass fx the most so far. no signs of test increase yet. again, im keeping my eye out.

  15. feeling crappy today. prolly wont lift today and my appetite is nonexistant. so i cant imagine eating a whole lot today. oh well.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by rolandajoint View Post
    the DB swing is the same as a kettlebell swing. more of a power movement, working core, legs, shoulders, back. they say not to control the KB on the way down, but i do, putting some tension on the front dealts, making it a power-hypertrophy move.

    Cool stuff. Didn't know you were a kettlebeller. Seems to be gaining a lot of popularity these days.

    Just be care for your friends, when doing those. This exercise looks like it has the potential to kill thousands of unborn children.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by rolandajoint View Post
    feeling crappy today. prolly wont lift today and my appetite is nonexistant. so i cant imagine eating a whole lot today. oh well.
    Hope your feeling better soon, bro.

    Is the fall weather starting to "kick in" where you live? I know by me, this is the prime time for getting sick.

  18. felt a lot better today. ate well, and got another epic bicep / forearm workout in. ill post the update later tonight when i get home.

    right now, im going to get some thai food with my girlfriend and i couldnt be more excited

    oh, and MASSFX has kicked in. noticed it big time today. details to come....

  19. Cool log bro...I'll keep up with it to see how the Mass FX works for you. I'm out.
  20. Day 5 - 10 / 10 / 08

    Rope Cable Curls
    80 x 15
    120 x 12
    160 x 10
    130 x 12
    100 x 15

    Standing Barbell Curls -superset- Standing Close grip Barbell Curls
    70 x 12 -superset- 40 x 12
    80 x 12 -superset- 40 x 12
    90 x 10 -superset- 40 x 12

    One Arm High Cable Curls
    40 x 15
    60 x 10
    50 x 10
    40 x 12

    Machine Preacher Curl
    80 x 12
    95 x 12
    110 x 12 -drop- 80 x 12 -drop- 50 x 8

    Barbell Reverse Curls
    40 x 12
    60 x 12
    60 x 12
    60 x 10
    60 x 10

    Half Hammer Curls (strong focus on gripping the db, and feeling the negative)
    40's x 12
    50's x 10
    60's x 10 -drop- 40's x 8 -drop- 30's x 8

    Heavy DB Holds
    75's x 20 sec
    90's x 15 sec
    100's x 15 sec
    70's x 15 sec

    One Arm Cable Reverse Curls
    12.5 x 12
    15 x 12
    15 x 12
    15 x 12
    15 x 12

    820am 4 osteo-sport, 2 mas fx
    835am 5 eggs, 2 packets oatmeal
    1030am 2.5 scoops whey, 3 tbsp natty pb in water
    140pm 7 oz chicken breast, 4 slices whole wheat toast with butter
    400pm 2 mass fx
    415pm workout, 50g WMS, 4 scoops XTEND intra workout
    630pm 2.5 scoops whey in skim milk
    9pm thai food and frozen yogurt

    today ruled. i noticed a nice jump in libido today. it hit me in my 2nd class when i couldnt stop thinking about sex, and the topic of the class was abortion. go figure.

    intense foucs in the gym is still going on. had an amazing pump going the whole workout, and again, was able to hit sets with less rest time in between. so im noticing a faster recovery, aggression, and focus.

    i came to the conclusion today that for the next few weeks of the log ill try to keep my training very similar to better track weight increases and performance increases. plus i really liked the routine this week so im not opposed to keeping with it.

    tmrw ive got legs, which im pretty stoked for. im still stoked on my deads from wednesday. cant wait to see those numbers rise. ive still got some DOMS in my lats from that back session.

    umm, i think the forslean is definitely messing with my stomach a little. im going to try the 1-2-1 dosing again, see if that clears it up. i basically **** 6 or 7 times over the course of 2 days, and normally i have maybe 1 or 2 per day. so something was definitely not right. tho it could be something else, i just cant put my finger on it yet. it might be the ON whey. ive had some issues with it before, just not this extreme.

    so legs tmrw, and off sunday, and back to the weights on monday. and im excited for monday because im going to fedex to apply for a job. hopefully i get it, cuz i think itd be a great job to have while in school.

    other than that, everything rules. love my school schedule, just got awarded unemployment (yessss) and mass fx is treating me very very well. til tmrw....

  21. Sick workout, man.

    Do you train forearms for any sport specific means? The reason I ask is because I used to do a lot of forearm training when I used to play hockey to improve snap shots and stick skills, and have a few that work well for sports like hockey, lacrosse, and track throwing.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Sick workout, man.

    Do you train forearms for any sport specific means? The reason I ask is because I used to do a lot of forearm training when I used to play hockey to improve snap shots and stick skills, and have a few that work well for sports like hockey, lacrosse, and track throwing.
    i dream of powerlifting eventually, but im still working on putting a good amount of mass, and developing the grip strength needed for those heavy lifts, and rehabbing my shoulder to be able to bench again. and i, like my socal brother volcom, admire forearm developement a lot. so for the last 5 or 6 months ive been reallllly focusing on forearm and grip strength, as well as forearm size and shape, and i basically dont use straps or gloves anymore, except for deads, and try to focus on my grip everytime i pick up a weight.

    but id love to get more suggestions on grip and forearm training, so im down to try out your moves. i try to come up with sh*t on my own, sometimes it works, sometimes i look like a fool at the gym haha. oh well.

    update coming up soon.

  23. ill have 2 updates for ya guys tmrw.

    until then. i think this is hilarious.



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