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  1. You're hammer curling 70# db's? Nice, bro! That's some good weight there!

  2. Day 23 - 10 / 29 / 08

    135 x 8
    185 x 6
    225 x 6
    275 x 6
    315 x 6
    345 x 3 (PR!)
    355 x 1 (PR!)

    Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Row (each arm)
    90 x 12
    135 x 12
    180 x 10
    180 x 8
    135 x 12

    Close Grip Pull-Ups -superset- DB Shrugs
    BW x 10 -superset- 80's x 12
    BW x 8 -superset- 80's x 12
    BW x 8 -superset- 80's x 12

    Close Grip Straight Arm Pull down
    60 x 15
    100 x 12
    100 x 12
    100 x 12
    100 x 12

    DB Shrugs
    90's x 12 x 3

    second day of new dosage. libido took a nice jump. aggression seemed about the same, maybe a little bit higher. focus was excellent. pump was incredible. im still on a high after hiting 355 for a single. i didnt hit as much on the hammer strength rows, but i also did not use my straps for it like last time, and my body was pretty beat after the deads, so im not too worried about it. i was going to do some more trap stuff, but judging from from DOMS today, my traps got plenty of work from the deads.

    closing in on the last couple days of MASS FX. im feeling a lot bigger. weight is around 193. shirts are tighter, sleeves are tighter, boxers are a little tighter around the leg, and my pants are fitting a little bit more snug around the waist, but im still at about a 34 waist. and with how much food im eating, im expecting fat gain. no biggy.

  3. i update he before/after pciture (post # 2 on page 1).

    i will be taking today off. tmrw is legs. and saturday im going to do a short full body workout, get a nice pump, and take a few more pics which will be more similar to my end of ckd pics. i want to really show ive put some size on and i dont think the one i just posted does it enough justice haha.
  4. Day 24 - 10 / 30 / 08

    today is an off day. going to rest my legs a bit before i hit them tmrw. might do some light cardio later tonight. maybe just take my dog for a long walk. or might do incline treadmill for 40 mins. other than that, going to be eating alllll day haha.

  5. Sounds like a good day to me!

  6. My kinda day!
  7. Day 25 - 10 / 31 / 08

    Leg Extensions
    70 x 20
    85 x 15
    100 x 12
    130 x 12 x 5

    Leg Press (Narrow Stance, Mid Platform)
    6 plates total x 12
    8 plates total x 12
    10 plates total x 12

    Hack Squat (Wide Stance, High Platform)
    2 plates total x 12
    4 plates total x 12 x 3

    EZ Curl Stiff Leg Deadlift
    75 x 12
    125 x 12
    175 x 12
    175 x 10
    125 x 12
    75 x 12

    Seated Calf Raises
    2 plates x 15
    4 plates x 12

    Seated Calf Extensions
    160 x 20
    240 x 12

    very good leg sesh. my wheels were tremblin walking down the stairs back to the locker room. leg press felt great. hack squat felt great. the workout was a little bit inspired by Hany Rambod's FST-7 routine, where you do 7 "pump" sets before your compound movements to get the bloood flowing. sort of a "preload". and i liked the routine very much. had a great pump in my legs the whole workout.

    and the calf workout was a dave palumbo inspired routine. (just got my MD in the mail today and i was reading it before the gym haha). he says only one set of 10-12 reps at a maximum amount of weight is needed for calves, one set on seated, one set on standing. so i decided to try it out. may give a few weeks and see if i see any improvements.

    anyways. been eating good today. libido took another leap today. couldnt stop thinking about.....stuff. umm focus was good, aggression was good, pump was great especially considering its usually nonexistent with leg. my legs are finally started to have a shape to them, and ive noticed a good amount of size added to em over the passed 2 months or so.

    ANNNND tmrw is my last day of the log. and ill be running the rest of my 8 caps tmrw. ill dose it 2 in am, 4 pre w/o, and 2 in pm. im basically going to do a upper body workout, but im just going to be looking for the pump. probably about 4 or 5 sets of 12 for each body part, with only about 45 seconds rest in between each set. then ill take some pics for the final review. and as for the final review, im probably going to take next week off, but take a couple days for my evaluations. minus deadlift. ill keep my deadlift numbers from this week (355 x 1), and ill take a day to do squats. pushups will be done tmrw.

    sad to see this log ending. maybe i could get another bottle to wipe away my tears? hint hint haha. all i know is when i get some extra cash, probably during the holidays, im gonna pick up a couple bottles of this. id really like to use it during a recomp, and coupled with hyperdrol or maybe something like rpm.

  8. Great job on the PRs, bro!

  9. final update and review coming soon to a log near you.

    for any maccain fans out there:

    OBAMA 2008

  10. ********
    hitting legs in a bit. i will finally have my final review up tonight. just got bogged down with stuff this week. school, girlfriend, homework, election, the whole shebang.

  11. Looking forward to the review! Crush those wheels!

  12. final review added! post #3.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Note to consumers: MassFX does not make your chest less hairy.
    i dont know if your trying to tell people that so they dont think it causes hair loss, but i loled at that.

    no hair loss btw. no shedding, nothing. if anything, my beard grew back kinda fast when i trimmed it up.

  14. Nice final review man!! Looks like you had a good run! Backs lookin wider in the before/afters!
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