Paid Benefit's Havoc Log

  1. Paid Benefit's Havoc Log

    So after a lot of reading I've decided I wanted to try havoc. I did a cycle of JW about a month and a half ago and found decent results. However, I want something a little more potent as a supplement, as JW isn't really anything special. I decided i'll give havoc a go.

    Right now i'm up to 180ish (i'll weigh in offically first day of the log)


    My goals for this log are simple. I want to add as much mass as possible. I am 180, but I am tall so my weight does not show up very well on my body. Strength gains will be the secondary goal as I play hockey it will help.


    I'm going to use milk thistle while on havoc and in my PCT aswell. PCT will look something like this.


    6-oxo and/or trib (my body really works well with it)
    Post cycle support

    My PCT isn't too strong, but depending on how I feel on the log and what other input I may alter it.

    I will start my cycle later this week. Just bought a car so i'm dealing with that now. Turbo 94 supra what?!?!

    Last log I did with JW I had bloodwork done, but this time I may or may not that that advantage. I'll see later this week.


    My diet will be a semi dirty bulk. I'm in college and you eat what you can ya know? However, I will make sure It has a lot of carbs and protein. My cal intake per day is set to 45-5000 a day.

    I would like a lot of people to sub to this log and kind of motivate me give it the ol once in a while haha. Also I like input from those followin my log. Input from workouts to what I eat and stuff.

    How it'll work

    I'll run the cycle like this
    Week 1: 20mg
    Week 2: 30mg
    Week 3: 30mg
    Week 4: 30mg

    That may adjust up or down depending on how I react to it.

  2. Sub'd I'd like to see another person try Havoc... Your PCT sounds similar to what I'm going to be running as well... Good luck!

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