i was lucky enough to pick up a couple samples of this at the olympia expo last weekend. i used twice, both for fasted cardio sessions, and both for 40 minutes of moderate intensity cardio keeping my heart rate around 60-65%.

it was a nice little pick me up both times i used it. the two sessions i used it for were before class, sometime around 7 am. energy lasted well beyond the cardio and into the day and probably wore off sometime in the afternoon. PROS: there was no crash, i kinda noticed the energy wear off, but it wasnt bad enough that i felt like total crap and it was giving me my energy for the day. CONS: after the cardio session there was probably about 20 minutes or so where i had what i call a stim headache, where you a little too wired and your brain starts to hurt. wasnt too bad, but it was noticeable.

loved it. was able to mow through both sessions no problem. i usually dont go passed 40 minutes of fasted cardio unless ive got some bcaas to sip on. and i also usually dont have the motivation to go passed 20 minutes, even with an ipod or book to keep my company. i was able to read a 25 page chapter in my book and didnt lose for one second. i can see this being a nice little study aid for those long days/nights of studying for midterms and finals.

pretty solid. got me sweating pretty good both time. normally i dont sweat a lot during a light cardio session like these so it was nice to see this fat burner actually creating a hot sensation.

i really like the ingredient profile on this. ive had a lot of luck using forskolin, and i will probably use it over and over again in my life or until something better comes around. good energy, good focus, and it makes me all hot inside, everything i look for in a fat burner. and at $30 bucks for a 20 day supply, i can definitely see myself using this in the future, possibly during an upcoming spring cut