a new essential for us BBers! AI's Essentials Review

  1. a new essential for us BBers! AI's Essentials Review

    Just got to try out AI's new Essential product in both an orange flavored protein and flavorless. The orange flavored protein was a nice treat, mixed well, and reminded me of drinking Sunny D when i was a kid. The flavorless followed in the same footsteps with it also being easy to mix into juice and protein shakes and didn't effect the taste much.

    I was hesitant and intrigued when i first saw this product coming out. It is def. a good one for all bodybuilders and helps cut some costs from buying all these essentials separately but i was scared it was going to taste/mix like crap and ruin any drink i put it in. This is def. not the case so dont be afraid to give it a try. Only other side i noticed was the beta-alanine tingles, which is a good thing in a way because you know that the beta-alanine is in there eh? All in all, great all in one product for the bodybuilding community. Good job AI!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Even I haven't tried this stuff out yet
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  3. Alrighty then, I sampled the essntials with protein and the essntials. Let me start with the essentials,... I didn't care for the taste, and it didn't seem to mix well. That being said, the essentials +protein(orange sunrise), tasted awesome, and mixed great. I did follow the directions of milk with essentials and water with +protein.
    Now I understand +protein may not come to the market as it depends on the response,... I would love to see the +protein hit the market. I've always been a big extend fan, and this compares well to that. The essentials has beta-alanine, whereas extend uses glutamine. I would like to note that the +protein has 5grams of creatine, as well as the flexibility and joint support. Which, someone such as myself at 37yo needs.
    So to summise, I didn't care for the essentials based on taste alone. Depending on what the price is like, I could see +protein becoming a staple supplement in my arsenal.
    Thanks AI for the samples and for lettin' me share. You guys rock!!!

  4. Yay! If the samples are arriving, then I should be getting mine soon too!
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  5. Cool. Keep the feedback coming guys. Thanks.



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