USP PowerFull/Anabolic Pump, AN NeoVar Recomped + Divanex

  1. USP PowerFull/Anabolic Pump, AN NeoVar Recomped + Divanex

    Hi people,

    This is my first time logging a supplement stack. Here is a quick overview.
    Age: 32
    Weight: 85 kg Height: 6'1"
    Training: Roughly 12 years
    Training with some knowledge: 8-10 years, but constant set backs from injuries, studies, etc.
    Bottom Line: Physically not where I want to be but getting closer
    Supplement use: 8-10 years
    I have used an older version of PowerFull with no noticable effects, but I know this can be more my fault than the product. I have used Yellow Gold in the past with no noticable effects, but same disclaimer.
    Recent Training: I have been dieting for several months

    Important Notes
    This is an unsponsored log.
    I am attempting to gradually increase lean mass over 6 weeks.
    I would like to focus this log on the supplements. If anyone has any comments on another aspect, please PM me. Please let me know if I am doing anything counter productive.

    Everything will be dosed as per package directions with the exception that the AP will only be taken 2x per day throughout.
    I have noticed that there are a few different ways to take PowerFull, so if anyone has opinions after personal use please let me know.

    Other Supps
    fish oil (15g/day)
    NP green tea caps
    NP Geranium pre training
    Magnesium (pre bed)
    Greens powder
    BCAA pre/peri training

    As stated I have been dieting for several months and discovered my body operates efficiently at surprisingly low calorie levels. That said I am also quite carb sensitive which is why I am hoping for great effects from the AP/Neo combo.

    As recommended I will start using AP with 40g carbs per serving. Post workout Neo will be 50g carbs, the other dose will be at 40g carb.

    First 7-10 Days
    Protein: 210 g
    Carbs: 200g
    Fat: 40g

    I will be training 4 x /week, not including cardio and foam roller work.
    I will be using high frequency work hitting quads, hams, upper back, chest, abs and calf 3x per week.
    Every 4-5 days I will also be including a shoulders only workout to address some functional and ROM issues from shoulder injuries. This is a continuation of work I have been doing the previous 3 weeks. On these days I will include some extra bicep and tricep work.

    All the fun is set to start on Monday 6 October, so please check in and let me know if you plan to/are following along.

  2. Best of luck, I'll be following.

    However, you may want to clarify with either a USPlabs rep (Mulletsoldier) or an AN rep (texaslifter89) to make sure that the AP and Neovar won't negatively impact one another. I've heard different things; it may be good, it may be bad to combine them. I'd look in to it. .. I just realized, you're doing the AP twice only, and Neovar once/day ? .. guess the timing (half-lives) wouldn't really matter then, being that they're dosed so far apart (I assume) ..
    VikingInc's Journey towards NSL Physique 2016 competition on March 12, 2016, in Houston, Texas.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I have read a couple logs where the two were combined and don't remember seeing any negative interactions. I'll see if i can find the links for these over the weekend.

    Sorry if I wasnt clear. I will be using two servings of AP per day AND 2 servings on NeoVar per day and these will be dosed at separate times.

    Good to see someone on board!
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  4. stopping In Deployed blogging

  5. Good to have you along Outside Backer.
    Day One is now complete, except for my pre bed dose of PowerFULL. As expected, nothing dramatic to report.
    My training suffered from a lack of mental focus, but I blame this on stresses from the past week and ongoing assignments and exams on my mind. Should get better over the course of the next week though.
    On the bright side, I have experienced none of the reported 'anabolic dumps'. Especially surprising because of my high fibre intake for the day. I will attempt to post my diet and some training details before I go to bed.

  6. Very interested; good luck!

  7. Here's my food intake and supp dosing/timing for Day One. Sorry about the formatting. I'll try and fix this when i get more time. Anything doesnt make sense please ask.

    Good to see Mulletsoldier here too.

    Day One
    Amino Tabs (4 tabs) 4.8

    Meal One (8:35-8:45am)
    AP (one cap) (8:15 am)
    (20 min)
    Oatmeal (2/3 cup) 7 p 34 c (6 fib) 5.2 f (lost roughly 1/5)
    Cinnamon (1 tsp)
    Milk (1/3 cup) 2.8 4.1 1.3
    Berries (50 g) 4.0 (1.0)
    Tri Blend (scoop) 32 1 1
    Greens (1 tsp) 1 3.3
    Fish Oil (1 tsp) 4.6
    41 42.3 (7.0) 10.6 =428.6 cal
    garlic cap
    B Complex
    coffee (cup)

    Oolong Tea (cup)
    Green Tea (1 cap)
    Geranium (1 cap)
    Tyrosine (500mg)

    PowerFULL (2 caps)
    BCAA (10 g)

    Training (10:55 12:20)
    BCAA 10g

    Meal Two (12:40 12:45pm)
    Neovar (3 caps)
    (10 min pre)
    WPI (scoop) 35 1 1
    Raisins (50 g) 1.4 32.6 (3.0)
    Apple (1.5) 0.5 18.5 (3.0)
    36.9 51.1 (6.0) 1 =361 cal

    Meal Three (2:45 3:00)
    AP (1 cap)
    (15 min pre)
    Oatmeal (2/3 cup) 7 p 34 c (6 fib) 5.2 f
    Cinnamon (1 tsp)
    Kanga Banga (150 g) 30 6.4 1.5
    Fish Oil (1/2 tsp) 2.3
    37 40.4 (6.0) 9.0 =390.6 cal

    Meal Four (6:40 6:55)
    NeoVar (3 caps)
    (10 min pre)
    Oatmeal (2/3 cup) 7 p 34 c (6 fib) 5.2 f
    Cinnamon (1 tsp)
    Tuna 27
    Thou Island (1 tbsp) 3
    Greens (1 tsp) 1 3.3
    Fish Oil (1/2 tsp) 2.3
    Garlic (1 tsp)
    35 40.6 (6.0) 7.5 =369.6 cal
    B complex

    Meal Five (9:00 9:05)
    Pumpernickel (1 slice) 2.8 18.8 (5.4) 0.7
    Spinach (100 g) 2 4.7 (2.7)
    Cheese (1 slice) 7.2 3.2
    Egg (3 whites) 9
    Milk (1 cup) 8.3 12.3 3.8
    27.3 31.1 (8.1) 7.7 =303.7 cal

    Meal Six (11:30)
    Cheese (2 slices) 14.4 6.4
    Tri Blend (1/2 scoop) 16 0.5 0.5
    30.4 0.5 6.9 =185.7 cal

    DAILY TOTALS 212.4 206 (36.7) 42.7 2039.2 cal

    1 Hr Pre Bed (min 1 Hr post Meal 6)
    Magnesium (450 mg)

    30 min pre bed
    PowerFULL (2 caps)

  8. nice detail Deployed blogging

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Outside Backer View Post
    nice detail
    Thanks! There isnt as much today though. Busy day at work and I have a big assignment due tomorrow.

    There was no training today, didnt even find the time for 30 min of cardio this evening. AP taken with my 1rst and 3rd meals, NeoVar with 2nd and 4rth. PowerFULL was taken roughly 1.5 hours after breakfast and the second dose will be 30 min beofre bed tonight.

    One interesting note was that after taking my 1rst Neovar dose of the day, my supervisor piled on the work unexpectedly and I wasnt able to eat for almost an hour. I spent most of that time feeling very tired and out of it. Not what i would consider to be hypo glycemic, but I'm glad I wasnt driving or operating heavy machinery at the time.

    Calorie intake was kept the same today, with slight variations in the food combinations from Day 1, but nothing major.

    I will back in the gym tomorrow, so look for a more detailed update tomorrow night.

    Thanks to anyone stopping by.

  10. Hi again. Sorry about the lack of updates. Been getting hit hard this week between school and work but hopefully will be back to posting on Sunday.

    I have still been keeping up with same dosing and similar meals, but calories are up overall because of my nervous snacking habit when i'm trying to crank out a paper.

    Last workout was pretty good. A bit more focused than the first. I will provide more detail on Sunday.

    QUESTION: Are there any problems with consuming a few cups of coffee around the same time as AP?

  11. Hi and thanks for your patience. I have been continuing with the supplement plan and doing my best to maintain the meal plan and the training.

    Unfortunately I have been extremely stressed the last 10 days or so. I am on exchange for school and currently living in residence. I have lived in res before and attended 4 different universities and this has to be the most poorly run facility I have had the displeasure to witness. And somehow at 32 I got stuck in the alcoholic/all night party/ impossible to sleep or study building. I finally got moved on Monday. Anyway back to the log...

    My diet has been weak. I have been getting most of the meals as originally outlines, or slight variation with similar macros but different food choices. However I have also been doing a lot of stress eating (chocolate and chips).

    I missed Mondays workout which was scheduled to be my low rep/ heavy weight training. Gives me more to focus for this coming Monday though. Really havent done any solid cardio the last 5 days either.

    Just got back from a solid workout. My med rep/ med weight day. Compared to this day last week, either all my weight or reps are up for each exercise; excluding ab work for some reason.

    I dont know if the increase is from the increase in carb intake, but as mentioned I have been extremely stressed and havent lost strength from it. Plus I couldnt be consuming this many carbs without getting noticabley fatter, escpecially when combined with the stress and stress eating I have been doing.

    The mirror isnt as kind. I definitely look a little less defined than last week. Agian I 100% blame my reaction to my living conditions and hopfully that can improve from here on out.

    I have added NOW True Calm to my regime to help me get back on track. I gotta say, 1 of those + Magnesium + PowerFULL = lights out!

    I am currently using NOW Mag Malate at 450mg (Mag) per night. This will run out in three days and I will be substituting MST ZMK starting Saturday night, so looking forward to even better sleep/recovery.

    Outide Backer or another AN rep: How long is the optinmal time to wait before eating after taking Neovar? Or should food be consumed right away. Currently I am going between 10 and 20 mins.

    Thanks again for the patience. Hope somebody is still following along.

  12. Monday 20 October 2008
    Been working away on assignments the past few days so agian sorry for the lack of updates. Its all over after Oct 28 though, so then I will get into updating every time I train.

    Has been remaining similar to that in post one with minor substitutions for food choices keeping macros the same. Still too much snacking going on though. However, that doesnt seem to be having a negative impact as far as body weight goes, so maybe its time to up my calories.

    Got my heavy day in today, but unfortunatley only had 30 mins before the gym closed, so went with a wide grip pullup, chin and ab work routine. There should have also been leg work in here but something had to give because of the time limit.
    Anyway, the weights are up all around from the last time i did this upper body work, and I think even with the increased load, the perceived effort was less.

    Things seem to be getting back to where they were before I had to deal with a seriously stressing housing situation. This is good news seeing as I am consuming carbs and still dont have a comlete handle on study-snacking. Again, this should not be as much of an issue after Oct 28.
    The good news: As mentioned, I was moving heavier weights this week. But my bodyweight saw a fairly signif decrease. I will monitor this again on Friday and update.
    Week 1 (mid): 85.33 kg Week 2(mid): 85.2 kg Week 3 (start): 83.9 kg

    I am going to try Chocamine and SAM-e to deal with this long term starting in December if anybody has any feed back on this? Or wants some in the future

    Today I moved up to 3 PowerFULL pre workout and will continue with 2 before bed. SInce I didnt get in a training session other than early cardio since Friday, I decided to hold off on the ZMK until tonight. I'll let you know how the ZML PowerFULL combo works for sleep on my Wednesday update.
    I am only taking the True Calm when i feel i really need it, because it is farily relaxing and i need to stay awake to study and write right now.

    Outide Backer or another AN rep: How long is the optinmal time to wait before eating after taking Neovar? Or should food be consumed right away. Currently I am going between 10 and 20 mins.

    Thanks again for the patience. Hope somebody is still following along.

  13. Saturday 25 October 2008
    Been working away on assignments and unexpected file increase at work this week. As a result, no posts since Monday, but I have been keeping up with training and diet.

    Has been remaining similar to that in post one with minor substitutions for food choices keeping macros the same. Snacking has decreased and I am entering my last busy week for this log. Overall I have been increasing calories by about 200 per day through increased carbs.

    Wednesday I did a new shoulder routine which i'll be performing every four days, after working in flexibility and imbalance issues the last 4-5 weeks. Shoulders are a weak spot from an injury I suffered about 5 years ago.

    Friday I performed my light weight/higher rep day. At first I thought things were possibly worse than last week from an early set of DB clean and press, but after getting home and checking the previous weeks log, I realised I had accidentally increased the weight per DB by 5.5lbs, and performed more reps per set! Unfortunately my squats were down in reps, but I think this is due to performing snatch grip deadlifts on Wednesday. I try to emphasise quads on the deadlift because of a hip/low back problem.

    I am still not making enough time for cardio, but that will change after my course are finished.

    My body weight seems to have come back to increased to slightly above starting point after the dip i reported last Monday
    Week 1 (mid): 85.33 kg Week 2(mid): 85.2 kg Week 3 (Mon): 83.9 kg (Fri): 84.5 kg

    The combo of ZMK, PowerFULL and True Calm beofre bed is amazing. Fall asleep early, and if I do wake up, no tossing and turning but straight back to sleep.
    A lot of my training is taking place in the evening, meaning that on those day I dose PowerFULL around 7pm and then pre bed, with nothing during th day. On these days I am going tostart taking one 1hr post breakfast, 2 pre w/o and 2 pre bed to try and benefit from a more spread out dosing pattern.

    I was worried before starting this log about what I read concerning AP and "anabolic dumps". For some reaon I am having the exact opposit effect. This is really strange because I am increasing overall caloric intake from the previous several months, and I am eating between 30-35 g of fiber each day. Any ideas on this?

    One more try here:
    ANYBODY: How long is the optimal time to wait before eating after taking Neovar? Or should food be consumed right away. Currently I am going between 10 and 20 mins.


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