Bulk X-factor log and a review in process

  1. Bulk X-factor log and a review in process

    This will be my first log, but it will be more a longterm review.

    And this will not be a detailed log with pictures, nutrition stats or any of that stuff.

    This is my first time trying x-factor.

    I luckily bought it for 35 buck off nutraplanet.

    This will sort of be an experiment with x-factor.

    I will try various way to consume bulk x-factor.

    I will try various dosage schemes but will start at recommended dose.

    I will do pre, post, and maybe even intra.

    It could last anywhere from 40-50 days.

    This will be a cross between a review and a log.
    (i dont have the time or want to do a detailed log)

    In the end ill give a detailed assessment of the product.

    Im currently taking xtend, superpump, cissus, creatine, and some other nutritional stuff that only relates to health.

    Product is coming in tommorow!

  2. Bulk x-factor just came in

    first time ordering a bulk nutraplanet product.

    Does not look like the picture, but it doesnt matter

    Package came in two days!

    Alright now for the powder

    it has a yellowish hue

    it smells like nothing ive ever smelt

    an interesting smell

    maybe like cornmeal or something.

    now on to the tasting

  3. alright(i put 1/4 teaspoons into the following

    the water test- the powder dissolves good into the water. Water became white and foamy. I can drink this water and dont gag. reasonable to me. if water was a 10 id give this a 3 in flavor department.

    the xtend test-(grape flavor)1 cup water one scoop xtend 1/4 teaspoon x-factor. its a little bit better then x-factor water. Its possible if i ad more xtend that i could drink this during a workout.

    the muscle milk test- tastes like musclemilk, with an aftertaste. not as good as muclemilk straight, so if muslcemilk was a 10 id give the combo a 7 in flavor department

    effects, i feel pretty good, maybe placebo, sort of like after having a nice steak(take this comment with little meaning)

  4. first workout with x-factor!

    i took 5 grams pre and 5 grams post.(yeah big doses)

    will have to see how sore i get within the next days(but im already sore as of now

    i did biceps(i usually do 6-9 reps a set)
    curls- 2 sets on free weights with 35's and two on cables with 40's
    hammer curls- 20,35,35,40
    concentration curls 25,25,20,30

    i am already sore

    i also took superpump, and hyperdrol x2 and activate xtreme(i only take these supplements occasionally for pre workout out boost)(for some reason i had an itch to take hyperdrol and activate xtreme to increase soreness on top of x-factor)
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  5. Subbed

  6. i woke up, biceps are sore as been in a long time

    i got new stetch marks which i dont like, im prone to stretch marks
    anyone know of good stretch marks solutions?

  7. Either RPN or USP or both have some stuff for stretch marks. Can't remember which one, though.

  8. i think ive pretty much narrowed down the taste, dried eggs yolks in some sort of corn base. This really has an egg yolk taste to it. They must extract the arichindonic acid from egg yolks, its definitely the cheapest source out their, just my guess though.

  9. Workout 2:

    leg extensions: 135,150,170 (8 reps each)
    Leg curls: 110,130,150(8 reps each)

    yeah that was my leg day today, not to much, my legs get sore easily
    i also did a bunch of legstetching for like 20 minutes or so

  10. biceps still sore today

  11. RPN DCP is coming in on tuesday and then will be transforming this into a recompistion log!

  12. crap, i was so sore during my chest, shoulder workout. it was ridiculous.

    I didnt take creatine today. Maybe thats why.

    5 grams bulk x-factor before and after

    1 capsule activate xtreme

    1200 mg bulk supercissus before and after as well

    1 serving superpump250

    Chest Press machine 210,210,230(8 reps)

    Should srhugs, i dont put to much weight but it do them itensily
    35,50,50,45(dont count reps)

    Front and side dumbell raises- a bunch of different weights and reps.

    Inner chest pushups- 3 sets of 8

    Other Chest Machine i cant remeber that goes sideways that doubles as rear deltiod machine- 130,150,150,130(6-8 reps)

    i dont want to know how sore ill be tommorow

    5 mins in the sauna stetching

    i got superpumped, more vascular than if i had taken creatine

    there is something to this creatine thing i heard from JJohn

  13. I did legs yesterday

    leg extensions: 135,150,180 (6-8 reps each)
    Leg curls: 110,130,150(6-8 reps each)
    Dumbell squats- 3 set of 100 pounds
    Bendover Butt Extension 3 sets of 100 pound barbell

    lots of stretching

  14. o yeah and i start dosing DCP on the 6th.

    It working pretty well so far, more comments on DCP later

  15. i had a great chest,triceps,shoulder workout today

    i took 3 DCP pre workout with half a scoop superpump 250(im trying to wean myself off of pre-workout stims.

    1200mg supercissus

    Machine Chest press 180,210,210,230(6-8 reps)

    Pec deck 130,150,190(6-8 reps)

    Triceps Extensions- 60,90,90

    Inner Chest Pushups 4 set of 7

    Should shrugs-100,100,100,150(combined weight)(not to much weight, but i do them entiensly, dont count reps, i do statics, just really intense)

    Front delt Raises 50, 50,50, 40(6-8 reps)
    Laterel Delt raises 40,50,60,50(6-8 reps)
    (total weight)
    lots of stretching

    some other stuff i do remeber.

    got super pumped.

    20 mins in the sauna with menthol

  16. be warned i do believe that cissus reduces the effects of x factor. i could be wrong, but i believe it has anti inflammatory properties that inhibit the x factor. maybe someone more knowledgeable can comment on this just to be sure.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by MM11 View Post
    be warned i do believe that cissus reduces the effects of x factor. i could be wrong, but i believe it has anti inflammatory properties that inhibit the x factor. maybe someone more knowledgeable can comment on this just to be sure.
    either way, im sore a hell today, i wouldnt want to be more sore. Cissus i think is not bad because it relieves pain through its anti-cortisol effects. and cortisol is catabolic.
    thanks for your worries though


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